flowersTomorrow’s Midsummer’s Eve here in Sweden. Most people will have picnics or BBQs, dance around the May pole and many will (sadly and stupidly) drink lots of alcohol.

We have no fixed plans, it all depends on the weather… they’ve talked about rain and maybe even thunder storms (which is very typical Swedish Midsummer weather, whenever it’s sunny and warm on Midsummer I wonder what’s wrong with the world).

Saturday we have plans to go to an amusement park, Liseberg, I’d rather have lovely weather then. Well, in any case, we’ll eat strawberries with cream and other tasty stuff tomorrow.

I’ve started writing more, my YA is getting more flesh on its bones and I have a scene that I’m writing which is turning out brilliant (so far I have no clue where to put it though…).

It’s the best feeling, having the words pour from my fingers again.

I will get this novel published! 

Anyhow, I’m waiting for the kids to go to bed… I want to write more (impossible with the hoard running about)!