I have gone all day waiting for it being late enough to put the kids to bed and get my computer up and running.

There are voices in my head, telling me things that need to be told, demanding I write their stories and pestering me with crystal clear images of perfect scenes.

I did use my time at school the other day to add things to my story. Now I just need to get everything into the same document (thank heaven for cloud services!)…

This afternoon we went to the beach and met up some (new) friends, my Princess’ best friend’s family and their friends. They’re all from the UK, Essex if I’m not mistaken, and even though they do speak Swedish we ended up using only English (occupational hazard I guess).

Funny thing. I’m not from here (grew up 30 km away), so it’s kinda hard to get to know the “locals”. They’ve all got their circles and even though they’re nice and all, they don’t want to get to know anyone new.

It’s such a Swedish thing, this thinking it odd that someone you don’t know wants to get to know you better… the “close” friends I’ve got (outside the workplace and not from my childhood) are all immigrants: J form Brazil and S and her sister from the UK. Not that I’m complaining mind you, it’s just a little sad that most Swedes are such xenophobes.

Anyhow, the voices in my head are calling… better satisfy their needs before they take over completely.