whatever-5Here I sit, looking at graded assignments and the webpage where I’m supposed to merge all of those parts into one final grade… dartboard anyone? If I’d go by how I feel about them they’d all get an A, but I think the school might ask me questions if I’d do that (leave me aloooooone!).

Wednesday and Thursday this week the school’s having Pimp-IT days (students and teachers working together and making the school look nice).

I’m in the arts group, our students are painting Gollum, Sauron and Gimli (yes, they’re on the same painting), Gandalf, Poseidon, Athena and Medusa. You see, ground floor classrooms have names from the Greek mythology and first floor from LotR. These paintings will decorate the hallways and classrooms and my oh my do they look good!

Others are fixing furniture or cleaning out the storage in the basement, free labour, but no one’s complained so far. They know they’re helping making the school a better place to be (hopefully). The idea is that now that they’ve helped clean it up they won’t wreck things (or at least be more careful with the school’s stuff).

Right, grades…

[30 minutes later]

All done, no one got an F and I’m happy (I knew no one would fail, but still…).

It’s started raining today (FINALLY). Everything’s so dry, our lawn started turning yellow, and there was pollen everywhere! I just hope it lets up tomorrow, we’re having a BBQ at school (last day before summer and all) and it really sucks being stuck outside flipping burgers.

Oh! Someone shouted ice cream in the hallway!!! I need to go see if I can grab one too…