sunshineOkay, so I wish I could convey to you the complete and total bliss I feel at the moment.

The white page of my notebook blinds me in the sunlight, almost like white sheets hung up to dry. Warmth seeps in to me from the wooden deck where I’m sitting, the sun’s rays warm my skin and a light summer breeze cools it again. There are blackbirds in the little forest behind our house, singing their little hearts out, filling mine with joy.

Baby birds chirping loudly when their parents fly to the nest beneath out roof tiles, beaks full of insects. It’s only quiet the short amount of time both parents are away from the nest, hunting for more food.

My children are playing on the lawn, having a picnic of grass and twigs, being pirates, building great cities in the sandbox and arguing as siblings do.

My bliss mixes with frustration as my writing is interrupted by endless questions on everything and nothing. I take a deep breath and answer as best as I can, then I sit and watch the clouds trying to find the words again.

I can see the end of troubles, I can see the light, I can believe in myself and my future again. My words were lost to me, they fled the mess and tears. Now I’m all cried out, now they can’t hurt me anymore, now they will be forgotten.

I have plans, but then I don’t, not really. They’re more like dreams and wishes and all very possible. I know I’ll succeed, there’s no doubt in that! But success to me is probably very different from success to you, or maybe we feel the same way… who cares?!

All I know is that today, sitting in the sunshine, hearing the birds singing and feeling the breeze cool my skin, I’m happier than I’ve been for so very long.