ImageI’ve been busy. Feeling sorry for myself and limping along hating the fact that almost none of my clothes suit me at the moment (bloody patches and stitches situated in horrid places).

I can’t wear tight trousers because of the patch on my hip, I can’t wear any tops that have too low a neckline (or I CAN, but I don’t want to, ugly ugly bloody patch) and I have to wear support stockings because otherwise the cut on my ankle won’t heal properly (making it impossible for me to wear anything but trousers AND I CAN’T WEAR THOSE BECAUSE OF THE PATCH ON MY HIP!)… Holy Mother of Crap!!!

Anyhow, I told you the essay was passed and now it’s been edited and sent in to the examiner. He replied that he was satisfied and that he marked it as approved (you can fail, pass or pass with distinction – we’ll never get pass with distinction, but I’m happy we passed AT ALL). *happy dance happy dance!* 

Last week of school for the students next week, I on the other hand work until June 28th. Buuuut I’ll never go back to that place again after summer, so I’m fine with that. *more happy dancing.* I haven’t got a clue as to what I’ll be doing after the 15th of August (that’s when I’m officially unemployed), all I know is that life without certain fother muckers is going to be soooo sweet!

This is such an opportunity! I’m going to take this time and make the most of it: write, read, play with my kids, study, meet people & love life (more)!

Tonight I’m going to sit on the sofa, drink my cuppa tea and watch husband play Skyrim (he’s started over for the umpteenth time, though I can’t blame him this time: he rage quit after the game threw two ice trolls and a Hagraven at him… bless him, poor soul).

Take care now my lovelies!