Parties all weekend long

The twins had their parties this weekend and I’m almost falling asleep blogging about it.

We had 7 boys running about yesterday and 8 girls partying hard today. All of them were just darling and brought very nice gifts. My kids were overjoyed and for once I had no trouble putting them to bed (not even my little Pumpkin said too much about it, and she’s been with gran instead of at the parties).

Aaanyhow, I’m waiting for them to really be asleep before taking a shower and then letting myself pass out. Tomorrow’s the BIG day (cut cut cut), my husband’s driving me and that makes it less bad.

But still, IT SUCKS SO HARD that they need to remove moles because they might be early stage cancer (gorram it!).

Husband’s playing Skyrim (I got him a copy on Friday) and so far he’s started over about 8 times, don’t think he’s been past level 6 yet… I don’t get it.


Why not just play the damn game through and THEN try another character (he’s so weird with that, does it every game he plays)?!

Well, he’s asked for coffee and I need to take that shower.