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ImageGoodbye Bowl Of Fruit

ImageHello “Goodbye Lunch”

ImageGoodbye Red Pen I Mark Papers With

ImageGoodbye Office

ImageGoodbye Door I Put Funny Pictures On

So, last day… went by quickly. I can’t tell you what I did, don’t really remember.

Probably means I didn’t do that much anyway.

Had a lovely lunch with Roomie, took Goodbye pictures of things, hugged a few people, sent everyone a funny video, packed my stuff and went home.

Anyhow, didn’t get much writing done… but I guess I’ll have time for that later (s’not like I’ve got anything planned). Tonight husband’s playing Skyrim (new character, of course) and I’ll watch the rest of Room With a View (brilliant movie that).

I got the results from the doctor about the moles they removed: NOTHING. A nice end to this week/day I think.


  • I would love to be able to live off my writing.
  • I wish we had enough money for me to be able to go all in.
  • I want my dreams to be made of chocolate (that way I can eat them if they don’t come true).

    In America dreams come true...

    In America dreams come true…

Today I have two things: rewrite my application letter (need to add some things to make it better) and write my short story for James. I got really excited when I found out that the way I saw things were close to what he wanted (the switching genres part of the story). Great minds think alike, eh? 

I really need to get my hair cut, my fringe is in my eyes and I have to search for hair clips every morning (no, I never remember where I put them the night before). This time I’m not going to get it coloured, it’s the middle of summer and the sun’s going to mess my hair up enough as it is (if you didn’t know before you’ll know now: the sun bleaches your hair and dries it out, making it more brittle – you don’t need to add chemicals at all, nature does it all for you).

I’ve been told to cut my own hair, but no. Ain’t gonna happen. Because I don’t want to look more of a freak than I already do (no comments on that. Please).

I managed to finish my letter, now it’s off to the printer (that’s right, they won’t accept applications via email. Only snail mail). I hope, hope, hope they find me interesting enough to at least ask me to come for an interview…

or: They’ll hire me, I’m AWESOME!

Anyhow, time to continue writing on that short story. Or maybe continue on the one I started writing in bed last night (I love Google Drive and Evernote, they make writing in bed on your phone sooo easy).


Writing commentaries on IB1’s MOCKS and calling a man about a job, should take about two hours, tops. And then… time spent writing I guess. Two and a half days of writing, with almost no interruption (that’s just freaky and weird) and I might actually get somewhere with my stories. Shiny! 

I’m writing an application for a job and realise I need a picture to go with it… the ones on my work laptop won’t cut it, so I slap some face paint on and secure my hair with a paperclip. I’ll do some spit and polish with a photo app on my phone and Hey Presto! a completely decent job application photo (a girl needs to be creative and have emergency makeup in her handbag)!

I think I’ve applied for close to ten jobs in the last two months. I’ve gotten “Thanks, but no thanks” from three of them, “Thank you for your application” from another three, heard nothing from three other and the tenth is the one I’m going to send off today. When I spoke with the guy in charge he sounded very positive and he finished off saying he looked forward to my application, the best reaction as of yet (fingers crossed).

It really sucks to know I might be unemployed in a few months time. Yes, I have to see it as an opportunity to do other things, that this is probably a good thing (I’d never quit my job even though I was unhappy), but unemployment sucks any way you look at it.

I’m down to the last thing on my list: writing MOCKS comments. I have eight students to comment on and even though several will get boring comments (they did very well and have little to work with next year when it comes to English), I still feel like doing other things and hope the comments will go away or write themselves…

Nope, no such luck. The document’s still empty, better get going then.

I’ll just surf the interweb a wee a bit first… Image


I’ve almost cleared my desk and the cabinet and drawers, there are just some folders I haven’t looked through yet. I need to take the big pile of paper I decided to throw away down to the dumpster (because they don’t empty the waste bin in the filing room until tomorrow and I can’t have that big pile of junk in my office one more day) and after that I only have some files on my laptop to sort.

I’ll be done by Wednesday, the latest… but I have to sit here on my butt (something not completely unpleasant since I have enough junk in my trunk to park comfortably anywhere).

ImageI guess I could read, write on my stories, paint my nails, learn origami… but there’s something about being at work with no work to do that doesn’t sit well with me.

Don’t get me wrong, I procrastinate with the best of them, but then I always have something I REALLY need to do but decide to ignore for the time being. Procrastination as such isn’t very thrilling.

Anyhow, my short story got stuck yesterday. It turned out baaaaad and I’m thinking of writing a new one (that, or I have to go in and rewrite most of it, which I don’t feel like right now). I have some other ideas in the back of my mind, more of seedlings than fully developed story lines, but that’s better than nothing. Right?

Right. Back to those last folders and that huge stack of papers…



One thing that’s really different between working and staying at home is the amount of laundry you get done.

When I was home with Pumpkin our laundry basket was as close to empty as laundry baskets get – now (when we’ve been working the both of us) it’s hardly ever anything but overflowing. Then we spend the weekends doing laundry and hanging and sorting the washing, time I’d rather spend with the kids or even writing.

Well, we’re now down to half a laundry basket and we have clean socks and underwear enough between us (which is as far as I’m willing to go right now, I’m not staying up all night washing shirts). No laundry crisis foreseen in the week to come…

I have also decided to not bother with my appearance this week, I’m only cleaning and clearing my desk and the only one who’s going to get a good look at me is my roomie (sorry love, but I’m not going to do more than brush my hair and my teeth, and put clothes on – obviously *eye roll*).

My good friend and writer James Wymore (go clickety and check out his blog) asked me the other day if I’d like to submit something to an anthology he’ll be working with after the release of his new book The Actuator (clickety clickety clickety). I said YES straight away (duuuh).

So today I’ve started on a short which might turn out great (when I find out where it’s going). The wonderful thing about this is that the characters in these stories jump between genres, that means you have so much freedom in choosing what’ll happen (which you always do of course, but now you can have laser weapons in a story that started out with bows and arrows). Awesome!

Anyhow, tonight I’m letting my YA rest a little while I let “Legs” McCoy take my hand and lead me to her fate…



Day after Midsummer and our plans are to spend the day at an amusement park. There is hardly anyone about, I’m guessing that most are still in bed (nursing their hangovers).

We have a two hour drive before arriving at our destination, the trick will be keeping the hoard amused during the drive… so far only one of three is complaining about being bored (I shouldn’t have said that… it’s like asking for it!).

Anyhow, I hope the sun decides to show its face. Going on rides in the pouring rain is only fun when you’re a teen (and hardly even then).


ImageToday’s really warm and humid, I think we’ll have thunder storms before evening (or I hope we do, because this is too much). It’s actually a perfect summer’s day, but as I said yesterday: Nice weather on Midsummer is sooo weird!

I made some ice tea after breakfast, it’s chilled enough to drink now and it was just lovely! I always make buckets of ice tea during summer, it’s by far the best thirst quencher.

Right now we’re waiting for it to be 2 pm, there are Midsummer celebrations nearby that we’re thinking of joining (Pumpkin’s having her nap, so we’re waiting for here to wake too). There’ll be a May pole and dancing, coffee and cake, lottery tickets, candy and people. According to my husband it’s been like that forever (!), even the stalls are in the same place year after year… comforting, to some at least.

Anyhow, I’m taking the opportunity to write some now that everyone else is occupied by something (Pumpkin napping, twins watching a movie and husband playing Skyrim).Think I need to move scenes about, some of them don’t make sense now that I’ve read it all.


flowersTomorrow’s Midsummer’s Eve here in Sweden. Most people will have picnics or BBQs, dance around the May pole and many will (sadly and stupidly) drink lots of alcohol.

We have no fixed plans, it all depends on the weather… they’ve talked about rain and maybe even thunder storms (which is very typical Swedish Midsummer weather, whenever it’s sunny and warm on Midsummer I wonder what’s wrong with the world).

Saturday we have plans to go to an amusement park, Liseberg, I’d rather have lovely weather then. Well, in any case, we’ll eat strawberries with cream and other tasty stuff tomorrow.

I’ve started writing more, my YA is getting more flesh on its bones and I have a scene that I’m writing which is turning out brilliant (so far I have no clue where to put it though…).

It’s the best feeling, having the words pour from my fingers again.

I will get this novel published! 

Anyhow, I’m waiting for the kids to go to bed… I want to write more (impossible with the hoard running about)!




I know I’ve been bitching about how much I dislike my job,but they are kinda sweet. This is how they said Thank You (flowers, IB pin and a 500 Kr gift certificate).



I have gone all day waiting for it being late enough to put the kids to bed and get my computer up and running.

There are voices in my head, telling me things that need to be told, demanding I write their stories and pestering me with crystal clear images of perfect scenes.

I did use my time at school the other day to add things to my story. Now I just need to get everything into the same document (thank heaven for cloud services!)…

This afternoon we went to the beach and met up some (new) friends, my Princess’ best friend’s family and their friends. They’re all from the UK, Essex if I’m not mistaken, and even though they do speak Swedish we ended up using only English (occupational hazard I guess).

Funny thing. I’m not from here (grew up 30 km away), so it’s kinda hard to get to know the “locals”. They’ve all got their circles and even though they’re nice and all, they don’t want to get to know anyone new.

It’s such a Swedish thing, this thinking it odd that someone you don’t know wants to get to know you better… the “close” friends I’ve got (outside the workplace and not from my childhood) are all immigrants: J form Brazil and S and her sister from the UK. Not that I’m complaining mind you, it’s just a little sad that most Swedes are such xenophobes.

Anyhow, the voices in my head are calling… better satisfy their needs before they take over completely.


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