I want to have my hair done, it needs cutting and colouring. Would be super nice to get that done before graduation on Wednesday next week, but that ain’t gonna happen.

This weekend we’re having birthday parties both Saturday and Sunday, on Monday I’m getting cut and stitched up again, Tuesday I’m at home feeling sorry for myself: and there we have Wednesday already! Bloody brilliant!

I need chocolate (good thing I have a monster stash of the stuff).

I read the essay I’m supposed to give constructive criticism on… Mother of [—] (add suitable word here)! Our essay sucks (King Kong monkey balls)!!!

There’s soooo much I missed when writing that piece of crap; the only thing we can do is to write a list afterward, telling the examiner what needs to be done and hope we can get away with that.

Apparently you only get two (2) weeks to fix any mistakes in your essay, so the only things that are criticized are those things that can be believed to be worked at within a two week period (that’s a relief!). Mid-June and we’ll be rid of all this! 

After talking with my roomie-bff I’ve decided to wear a dark blue dress with white polka dots, a scarf to hide any showing patches and my new pretty flats (the pink and orange ones you know).

This will be nice enough for graduation lunch at school, and probably easy enough to get in and out of being stitched up. I’ll try to do something nice with my hair, but I’m guessing that the stitches and the patch on my chest will make it difficult (soddin’ gorram phukkadoodledoo!!!)…

I HATE THIS!!! Phukk Cancer!!! 


My level of silly.

Anyhow, I had two classes telling me today that they think it sucks big time that I’m not going to be there at school in August (next school year + the future that is).

It’s really good for my self esteem, knowing that (at least right now), they feel that they’re going to miss me and my craziness.

One even went so far as to say that these news destroyed his following two years of IB, cute but kinda dramatic, don’t ya think (and I had to listen to how much he disliked the teacher taking over the course, had to keep a straight face and not agree or disagree with him. that’s hard!)?

Seems like the hoard’s fallen asleep (FINALLY!), maybe I can persuade husband to watch a movie with me (and stop playing NHL13… boooooring!).

A good old sci-fi should cheer me up!