ImageMan, I’m going to miss my students at this school!

Not only are they just plain awesome; they laugh at my jokes, and one class (IB1 FTW!) gave me almost 2kg of chocolate and a coke with my name on it (I really don’t drink coke, but hey, this time I’ll drink it all!).

One of them had made me a poster too, it’s the LotR Two Towers movie poster, only she put our faces in there. That there, THAT’S Love!

Thank you my darlings, thank you ever so much! 

Tonight my bffs and I are having a girls night out (or it’ll probably be a girls night in, eating and drinking at roomie’s flat). I’m really looking forward to it, haven’t done anything not work or mum-related in a very long time.

Now I must get back to correcting the national tests (excellent kidnapping moment here!). I’ll just have some more chocolate first…