I had to have the Conan reference there… I’ve just educated a class about the awesomeness that is Conan. One of my best table top RPG sessions was playing Conan the RPG, my character was a female pirate who wielded two sabers like she was born with them in her hands (she later ended up a pirate queen, but that’s another story).

ImageToday (after lunch that is) I’m going to sit down and try to get the last bits of the essay together. Hopefully my laptop at work will allow me to get that table of content as it should be… if not, then the only answer would be to chuck said laptop out the window and shout profanities after it (You KNOW it’s the only logical choice of action!). Do not mess with me, you piece of technological device you…


Anyhow, I find it really hard to motivate myself to find things for my students to do. We’re almost at the end of the term and I’m fortunate that we’ve covered everything that needs covering: I can grade them all right this minute if I need to. 

And I’ve yet to hear if I’m to be forced to sit here or if they’re going to let me off earlier… if I’m really lucky I have enough vacation days to not have to come back at all, but before I know that for certain I need to call HQ and ask them (which sucks, because I really don’t like talking to people on the phone, friends sure, people I don’t know and have to ask important things – not so much).

Now I need to create party invites for my twins 6th birthday parties (yes, we have to have two because according to my kids you can’t mix boys and girls…).