Me and my study buddy sat more than 20h this weekend to finish our essay. Today she called me, in half panic and said: “The document’s gone all crazy, I can’t get the Table of Content to do what it should!”

(It’s one of those features in Word where things just fall into place, don’t make me have to get all technical on you!)

Anyway, I told her to send it as it was to our supervisor and tell him about the problem, it’s the actual content NOT the features that matter now, isn’t it.

Well, let’s get to the most exciting part then, shall we: he said even though there were parts that weren’t great, we are allowed to send it to the examiner and the opponent (Happy dance – happy dance – happy dance!!!)!

I’m sure we have to redo or write more on some things, but at the moment I DON’T CARE!


Aaaanyhow… seems like the kids have, finally, fallen asleep and even I can go to bed. This weekend has drained me of energy… so to make you sleep as well as I will, I’ll leave you all with my face:



Rocking the Untz Untz Untz!