No time for a meeting yet, have to sort out what I’ll do during summer… do I sit here and stare at the walls or do they pay me off and let me go home (the fother mucker hinted that I’ll be stuck here all summer, staring at walls)? Have to find my union rep first though, where can he beeeeee?

Anyhow, today I’m rocking the vintage look, because I can and because my bangs are getting too long again (why hair, why do you keep growing and changing?!).

I also like the sound my heels make when walking the hallways, it empowering (plus it give me better posture, making me look even better than normal… beware world – here comes AWESOME!).

Best bit today was when a male student shrieked: “Stop walking around, you scare the shit out of me with that power woman walking!” I just told him to shut up and get used to the fact that women have an equal amount of power to men and that he needed to take a chill pill (pffff…).

Now the huge pile of exams is calling for me to correct them (shooooooooooot me!!!).