But you won’t find one, because I can’t be bothered with wasting energy on that.

As you may know I’ve been sacked (too few students – too many teachers) and I’m fine with that. This workplace SUCKS. And don’t get me started on the headmaster… a bigger fother mucker (yeah, I switched the letter around a bit) is hard to find. This is all the rant you’re going to get about that. They aren’t worth my time.

friendMy bestie decided we’re going out the weekend before my surgery, I really need that. Just have fun with people I love and forget about all crappy things going on at the moment. Now I’m going to start planning hair and makeup and clothes (because that’s what I do every time). And I’ll spend many night walking about my bedroom in high heels to see which shoes I like the best. Hard decisions because I love all my shoes so very much (shoes, you cannot have too many shoes!).

I’m going to Gothenburg on Saturday, to work with my study buddy and our essay. I don’t know if we’re going to be able to finish this on time… it needs to be done by next week Friday (shitty shitty phukk phukk). I’m thinking that IF we get it all done and IF I feel like I deserve it, I’m going to treat myself to something in town… don’t know what yet though.

Last lesson of the day looming ahead of me (or, nah, we’re going to start working on comedies, so it’ll be a blast).