I’m completely spent.

For three nights (and days) my youngest daughter has had a high fever and been very restless. From 2 am and all the way ’til I go to bed (at 10 pm-ish) she cries and fusses and even though I feel very sorry for her, I just want her to sleep, for ME to sleep. Needless to say I feel and look a wreck… thank heaven for makeup!


I have three long days at work coming up, 9h filled of hormones, drama, homework, assignments and the smell of stinky feet (high school is so awesome!). To make it through those days I need to put my armour on: makeup, a snazzy outfit and high heels. Believe me: those things can help you face ANYTHING! Even today, home with the kids, I slapped some paint onto my face to not feel completely lousy. So even if I feel like crap, I look effin’ awesome!

I’m going to rock those hallways and classrooms!

Anyhow, today I found out when they’re going to cut me, I have three moles that need removing and the fun event takes place on June 3d. Whohoo!

“They’ll cut me up, before they let me go go…”

This is a good thing; my doctor suspects it might be early stage skin cancer, or something that can easily become skin cancer later on. I’d rather be uncomfortable for a few weeks than go through cancer treatment (duh, who wouldn’t?!).

I’m going to try not to think about it too much though, because even if I’m all “it’s all for the best“, the whole thing sucks (big King Kong size monkey balls!!!).