ImageBlackbirds sing early in the morning and again far into the night. The leaves sneak up on you and suddenly the trees are a sheer green colour and actually sway in the breeze. You smell new cut grass, in the forest flowers dot the ground and when you tilt your head slightly to the right and face the sun you hear summer dancing behind your eyelids.

In about a month’s time I’ll be able to take my morning cuppa out front, we built a pergola and planted a rose and a clematis and yesterday I potted lots of plants and placed them there as well. It’s going to be wonderful to sit there and listen to the early birds, watch the sun warm the earth and truly know that life is good (oh, it’s rather marvelous already, but summer… now that’s special!)

Can you see me struggling with my essay? Which I am, totally. Need to rewrite the Method and I have no words in me (these do not count!). I don’t know what I’m doing! I’m useless when it comes to uni essays, USELESS I tell you! Gah, I sent it off to the supervisor, but he’s been really lame so far and I’m worried we’re not getting the feedback we need. My partner is worried that he’s letting us off too easy and that we’ll get slaughtered when we’re up for opposition. I hope she’s got nothing to be afraid of…

So what do I do now? I moan about my essay online, I tear out my hair (well some strands anyway) and I sit my bum down to drool over Karl Urban as Bones in Star Trek (2009). I’d say that last thing makes everything seem less bad… mmm. We’re going to go see the new movie maybe next weekend, after seeing a trailer I hadn’t seen before I SOOO want to see it. Star Trek is so AWESOME!


Anyhow, today at ballet things went really well (last week sucked monkey balls, not having to dance ballet, just me as a dancer) my teacher told me several times that I did good and right before we ended we got to try some spins. She gave me a “Well done!” and applause for that. Made my day! Those spins made me want to try toe shoes, not that I’m good enough for that, but it would be fun. She has threatened us with real pirouettes before we end the term, only two more Sundays to go…  hehehe.