2013-05-07 - 2I have new shoes!!! They’re the best shoes ever! I was unsure if I was going to buy flats or heels, because high heels are often sooo very pretty (but less sensible).

Good thing these little jewels caught my eye, now I have Very Pretty Shoes AND they’re sensible! I just had to wear them to work today, I get all bubbly and happy just looking at them (and my stockings are awesome too).

This afternoon I’m guarding IB Final Exams… yes, it’s as boring and mind numbing as it sounds. You’re not allowed to do ANYTHING but stare at the students writing.  I mean, come on (a little piece of paper and a pen and I wouldn’t have to listen to the sound of my brain cells committing suicide).  I think I need to hoard tea and chocolate, so as I can stay awake.

Mmm, chocolate…

I realized that I’m really going to miss my students when I leave this place, especially my IB/PreDP students. *wipes away tear.* I want to know how they do at school, how they evolve as people, if they keep their cheerful and wonderful personalities.

Coming back for a visit is nice, but not the same as being there and watching them grow in to young adults. That part is one of my favourite things about being a teacher: seeing them mature and getting ready to take on the world. You go, you wonderful hopes for the future you!