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The essay was passed, some fixing and editing, but we made it!

I’m so happy I can hardly think straight. From stress that had me tearing at my hair to being completely blissed out… wow.



This is me right now...

Bloody defending my essay tomorrow, getting cut up on Monday and no time for anything I really really need to get done.
Someone kidnap me, knock me unconscious or drug me!!! 

I need to get through the next four days somehow.



I want to have my hair done, it needs cutting and colouring. Would be super nice to get that done before graduation on Wednesday next week, but that ain’t gonna happen.

This weekend we’re having birthday parties both Saturday and Sunday, on Monday I’m getting cut and stitched up again, Tuesday I’m at home feeling sorry for myself: and there we have Wednesday already! Bloody brilliant!

I need chocolate (good thing I have a monster stash of the stuff).

I read the essay I’m supposed to give constructive criticism on… Mother of [—] (add suitable word here)! Our essay sucks (King Kong monkey balls)!!!

There’s soooo much I missed when writing that piece of crap; the only thing we can do is to write a list afterward, telling the examiner what needs to be done and hope we can get away with that.

Apparently you only get two (2) weeks to fix any mistakes in your essay, so the only things that are criticized are those things that can be believed to be worked at within a two week period (that’s a relief!). Mid-June and we’ll be rid of all this! 

After talking with my roomie-bff I’ve decided to wear a dark blue dress with white polka dots, a scarf to hide any showing patches and my new pretty flats (the pink and orange ones you know).

This will be nice enough for graduation lunch at school, and probably easy enough to get in and out of being stitched up. I’ll try to do something nice with my hair, but I’m guessing that the stitches and the patch on my chest will make it difficult (soddin’ gorram phukkadoodledoo!!!)…

I HATE THIS!!! Phukk Cancer!!! 


My level of silly.

Anyhow, I had two classes telling me today that they think it sucks big time that I’m not going to be there at school in August (next school year + the future that is).

It’s really good for my self esteem, knowing that (at least right now), they feel that they’re going to miss me and my craziness.

One even went so far as to say that these news destroyed his following two years of IB, cute but kinda dramatic, don’t ya think (and I had to listen to how much he disliked the teacher taking over the course, had to keep a straight face and not agree or disagree with him. that’s hard!)?

Seems like the hoard’s fallen asleep (FINALLY!), maybe I can persuade husband to watch a movie with me (and stop playing NHL13… boooooring!).

A good old sci-fi should cheer me up!


freedomThere’s just one thing left before I can run naked through the streets screaming: Freedom!!!  The opposition of our essay on Friday (that and leaving my job in June).

Now all I have to do is read the other guys essays (there’s three going up at once, we’re only opposing one of them) and have opinions about them. Easy peasy (NO! I have no idea what to do, what to say or how to say it and we’re getting soooo slaughtered!)… I don’t wanna! But I’ll just have to suck it up and do it, no way around this one (sucks to be an adult).

While on the subject of sucking, on Monday the doctor’s going to cut me up, again. I am not in any way looking forward to this (who would anyway?).

We have graduation at school on Wednesday next week too, and I have no clue as to what to wear with three big patches on my body (first one on my chest, second one on my hip and the last one on my ankle). What the heck should I wear?! Turtleneck and sweats? Schexxxyyyy… stupid skin, stupid cancer, stupid anything!

Anyhow, we haven’t had time to go see Star Trek. Too much going on and next weekend we have two birthday parties (the twins can’t have one together, because, apparently, boys and girls don’t mix when you’re 6). Gah!

Don’t think we’ll see Star Trek Into Darkness on the big screen…

Tomorrow I’m guarding IB MOCK exams all day, brain dead is what I’m going wish I’d be. Only positive thing is I’ll have some time to read the other essays. Whooppiie-doo!


I’m just going to focus on the fact that after June 28th I’m outta that place and home with my family, the only place where I’m truly happy. Now I’ll sit down with a cuppa and finish Persuasion (for the umpteenth time).


ImageMan, I’m going to miss my students at this school!

Not only are they just plain awesome; they laugh at my jokes, and one class (IB1 FTW!) gave me almost 2kg of chocolate and a coke with my name on it (I really don’t drink coke, but hey, this time I’ll drink it all!).

One of them had made me a poster too, it’s the LotR Two Towers movie poster, only she put our faces in there. That there, THAT’S Love!

Thank you my darlings, thank you ever so much! 

Tonight my bffs and I are having a girls night out (or it’ll probably be a girls night in, eating and drinking at roomie’s flat). I’m really looking forward to it, haven’t done anything not work or mum-related in a very long time.

Now I must get back to correcting the national tests (excellent kidnapping moment here!). I’ll just have some more chocolate first…


I had to have the Conan reference there… I’ve just educated a class about the awesomeness that is Conan. One of my best table top RPG sessions was playing Conan the RPG, my character was a female pirate who wielded two sabers like she was born with them in her hands (she later ended up a pirate queen, but that’s another story).

ImageToday (after lunch that is) I’m going to sit down and try to get the last bits of the essay together. Hopefully my laptop at work will allow me to get that table of content as it should be… if not, then the only answer would be to chuck said laptop out the window and shout profanities after it (You KNOW it’s the only logical choice of action!). Do not mess with me, you piece of technological device you…


Anyhow, I find it really hard to motivate myself to find things for my students to do. We’re almost at the end of the term and I’m fortunate that we’ve covered everything that needs covering: I can grade them all right this minute if I need to. 

And I’ve yet to hear if I’m to be forced to sit here or if they’re going to let me off earlier… if I’m really lucky I have enough vacation days to not have to come back at all, but before I know that for certain I need to call HQ and ask them (which sucks, because I really don’t like talking to people on the phone, friends sure, people I don’t know and have to ask important things – not so much).

Now I need to create party invites for my twins 6th birthday parties (yes, we have to have two because according to my kids you can’t mix boys and girls…).


Me and my study buddy sat more than 20h this weekend to finish our essay. Today she called me, in half panic and said: “The document’s gone all crazy, I can’t get the Table of Content to do what it should!”

(It’s one of those features in Word where things just fall into place, don’t make me have to get all technical on you!)

Anyway, I told her to send it as it was to our supervisor and tell him about the problem, it’s the actual content NOT the features that matter now, isn’t it.

Well, let’s get to the most exciting part then, shall we: he said even though there were parts that weren’t great, we are allowed to send it to the examiner and the opponent (Happy dance – happy dance – happy dance!!!)!

I’m sure we have to redo or write more on some things, but at the moment I DON’T CARE!


Aaaanyhow… seems like the kids have, finally, fallen asleep and even I can go to bed. This weekend has drained me of energy… so to make you sleep as well as I will, I’ll leave you all with my face:



Rocking the Untz Untz Untz!


No time for a meeting yet, have to sort out what I’ll do during summer… do I sit here and stare at the walls or do they pay me off and let me go home (the fother mucker hinted that I’ll be stuck here all summer, staring at walls)? Have to find my union rep first though, where can he beeeeee?

Anyhow, today I’m rocking the vintage look, because I can and because my bangs are getting too long again (why hair, why do you keep growing and changing?!).

I also like the sound my heels make when walking the hallways, it empowering (plus it give me better posture, making me look even better than normal… beware world – here comes AWESOME!).

Best bit today was when a male student shrieked: “Stop walking around, you scare the shit out of me with that power woman walking!” I just told him to shut up and get used to the fact that women have an equal amount of power to men and that he needed to take a chill pill (pffff…).

Now the huge pile of exams is calling for me to correct them (shooooooooooot me!!!).



But you won’t find one, because I can’t be bothered with wasting energy on that.

As you may know I’ve been sacked (too few students – too many teachers) and I’m fine with that. This workplace SUCKS. And don’t get me started on the headmaster… a bigger fother mucker (yeah, I switched the letter around a bit) is hard to find. This is all the rant you’re going to get about that. They aren’t worth my time.

friendMy bestie decided we’re going out the weekend before my surgery, I really need that. Just have fun with people I love and forget about all crappy things going on at the moment. Now I’m going to start planning hair and makeup and clothes (because that’s what I do every time). And I’ll spend many night walking about my bedroom in high heels to see which shoes I like the best. Hard decisions because I love all my shoes so very much (shoes, you cannot have too many shoes!).

I’m going to Gothenburg on Saturday, to work with my study buddy and our essay. I don’t know if we’re going to be able to finish this on time… it needs to be done by next week Friday (shitty shitty phukk phukk). I’m thinking that IF we get it all done and IF I feel like I deserve it, I’m going to treat myself to something in town… don’t know what yet though.

Last lesson of the day looming ahead of me (or, nah, we’re going to start working on comedies, so it’ll be a blast).


I’m completely spent.

For three nights (and days) my youngest daughter has had a high fever and been very restless. From 2 am and all the way ’til I go to bed (at 10 pm-ish) she cries and fusses and even though I feel very sorry for her, I just want her to sleep, for ME to sleep. Needless to say I feel and look a wreck… thank heaven for makeup!


I have three long days at work coming up, 9h filled of hormones, drama, homework, assignments and the smell of stinky feet (high school is so awesome!). To make it through those days I need to put my armour on: makeup, a snazzy outfit and high heels. Believe me: those things can help you face ANYTHING! Even today, home with the kids, I slapped some paint onto my face to not feel completely lousy. So even if I feel like crap, I look effin’ awesome!

I’m going to rock those hallways and classrooms!

Anyhow, today I found out when they’re going to cut me, I have three moles that need removing and the fun event takes place on June 3d. Whohoo!

“They’ll cut me up, before they let me go go…”

This is a good thing; my doctor suspects it might be early stage skin cancer, or something that can easily become skin cancer later on. I’d rather be uncomfortable for a few weeks than go through cancer treatment (duh, who wouldn’t?!).

I’m going to try not to think about it too much though, because even if I’m all “it’s all for the best“, the whole thing sucks (big King Kong size monkey balls!!!).


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