ImageGawd! Every morning this week I’ve turned the alarm off and gone back to sleep. No time for breakfast… put my face on, find clothes that aren’t too bad and zoom off in my car.

What I miss most is a nice cuppa; at work I have lukewarm water from the coffee machine and milk from small pyramid shaped cartons, but at least the tea’s decent.  I think I might have to go take a walk during lunch, to the candy store a few blocks away from school (yeah, ‘cuz it’s Friday, I’m an adult and I eat as much candy as I please!).

Riiiiiiight, so I should get cracking with any kind of work related thing. But I find myself browsing YouTube for silly gaming videos. I have a few channels I keep coming back to and it always makes me happy when they have something new for me to look at, or when I find an old gem that I’ve missed (I wanna go home to my Xbox!!!).

me3I’m playing Mass Effect (one) again, there are some bugs (not talking about the Rachni here) that annoy the heck out of me, but the story is so AWESOME! I’m sooo in love with that game (which you might have noticed if you’ve read my blog) and I want them to make more games… yes, the original story line is all done, but there’s a whole galaxy out there! Make more Mass Effect games!!! 

Blergh, I’m getting all grumpy here; wishing I was home playing Mass Effect and stuffing my face with candy.

I need a break.

Time to go down to the teacher’s lounge and get another cuppa.