Right. Priorities. I need to make a list of things that need doing and then in what order they need to be done (boooring).

  1. Edit uni essay
  2. Print papers for parent-teacher meetings
  3. Correct papers
  4. Edit short story for competition
  5. Finish writing novel

I really (really really) wish I could turn that list around, delete most of it and just do what I love. Anyone up to donating a crapload of money, for me to follow my dream and not have to deal with trivial things like work?


I’m quite sure there’s someone out there with more money than they need and I on the other hand would exactly know what to do with some of it. I’ll just keep hoping for it then…

The missing essay turned up, the student had taken it home with her… not my fault then after all (which is what I’ve claimed all along). On the other hand, I should have double checked the pile. Or, nah. I can’t be bothered anymore. It’s been found, it’ll be sent off and that’s the end of that.

ImageSomething I’ll miss about this place is the printer/copier; it’s brill to have when I want to print my own stuff and proof read my texts. I can do that to some extent on the screen, but after a while I go all cross-eyed and miss mistakes. If it’s printed it’s easier to read. Today I printed one of my shorts, it’s a little over 9000 words and that’s WAY too much to proof read on screen.

Anyhow people, the day’s begun and I have stuff to do (all super boring and paying the bills).