There’s only one thing keeping me together at the moment… buckets and buckets of tea. Don’t know why, but I’ve been super emotional these last few days. It’s a little inconvenient since it has me tearing up at the slightest hint of sorrow, anger, fatigue or happiness.
The other day, going home from Gothenburg, I was listening to “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and very sad things were happening in the story. I kept staring out the window blinking tears out of my eyes when they came to check our tickets. She gave my teary eyes and runny nose an arched eyebrow, but I just smiled apologetically and turned to stare out the window again (maybe I just need to get my act together and stop being such a sap?).

Anyhow, I’ve sent a job application to a school in a nearby town, I do so hope to get that job! It’s only for one year, someone’s on maternity leave, but it would be one year of not having to worry that much about money.



Pale morning light shines
Curtain still hiding the world
We lie here as one