… down to Gothenburg. My essay writing partner and I had decided that we would meet today and talk about our essay and try to see what we have left. Turned out it’s not *that* much that needs doing, which was a nice surprise. We’re going to email our supervisor some questions, and depending on his answers we’re more or less done.

I love going to Gothenburg. The crowds, the shops, the atmosphere, the trams and just being by myself is such a relief from my everyday routine. I love being with my kids (alright husband, you’re not too bad…) but having time to myself, going at my own pace, doing what I like – that’s priceless.

Tomorrow’s the best day of the week: Sunday and ballet class. I finally have a pair of shoes (Wheeee!)!!! They look something like this (not my feet and perfectly shaved legs!).


Anyhow, I’m going to let the essay be at the moment. Can’t focus anymore tonight and I really want to send a short story to a competition (can’t decide which one to send though), so the rest of today is going to be spent reading and editing one or two short stories (and eat lots of chocolate and drink buckets of tea).