ImageNo, I don’t have any real friends, in real life, outside of the interweb. So now I’m hoping random people out in interweb space will notice me and wish me a happy birthday (pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe me)…

Nah, I’m just really narcissistic.

Anyhow, I was challanged by a student yesterday: “Read this novel in one day!” It’s “Tomorrow when the war began” and I’m all like: “Pffff… I read 1000 pages in one day, I think I can manage 270!”  I only got to page 99 before having to head to bed, luckily I don’t have that class until 2.30 this afternoon (it’s now 8am), so I still have time to get all the way.

Because I NEED to win this (don’t have to explain why now, do I?!Image

Bugger, I’m late for our morning staff meeting (we get birthday cake today!)…