panic-wildly-and-run-away-2I got an email saying something very important had been lost: an essay by one of my students. My first thought was that I had messed up (because come on! I screw up ALL THE TIME). But after turning my office upside down in search of the lost essay I found nothing. This can only mean that I DID send it off with the others and that it’s been lost after that (can you hear my sigh of relief?!).

Yesterday I had such a bad headache, must have been a migraine, because of the stress I felt and I didn’t eat anything until 3 in the afternoon. Husband’s away at the moment, so I had to drop off/pick up the Horde by myself, which is a bit of a hassle when I work 7am – 4pm and their schedule is from 7.30am – 2,30pm… If I had thought about it some (hahaha). I would have changed their schedule, because you can do that if you need to. Today they stay at daycare until 4 and I can get stuff out of the way at work.

Then we have a such exciting event this evening! It’s PTA at my twins school, the school they start in August. No more daycare for them, they actually start SCHOOL! My babies, they grow up so fast… *sobs.*

Well today, I’m cool as a cucumber. Nothing bothers me, no one can get me with their teasing, it’s something of a sport here at my job (wankers). I only have one thing on my agenda: go to an ATM and get me some cash. One of our naighbours is selling something called “Majblomman” (“May flower” in English), it’s to make money for a school trip and one part of that money goes to an organisation that helps kids that have nowhere to go on holiday to go do things. So it’s for a good cause, or maybe two counting the school trip.

Anyhow, I need food (I want candy) and I need to get to the nearest ATM (clueless about that, it’ll be an adventure!).