wordsI’m struggling.

There’s a paragraph in my short story that says something like: “They all hugged and talked and laughed.” This I need to get down into dialogue and I really need to flesh it out a bit. Trouble is, I see it all in my mind, clear as day, but the words won’t come… I feel my main character’s emotions and hear her inner monologue, but to get that down on paper (well, the screen in this case) seems close to impossible! If I can only get that last paragraph in order it’s all set. I’m going to have someone proofread it, make the necessary adjustments and then send it to the competition.

I’m also thinking about trying to find magazines, online or printed, that would want to buy my other short stories. I mean, there must be some out there who’d want them (though I doubt there are many Swedish alternatives, it’s a crappy country to be an author in at the moment).

If *YOU* know of anyone (they don’t even have to pay me I’d happily sell my soul for some exposure), tell me! It’s so time consuming finding anyone (I know, I know, shouldn’t be lazy, but come on! Daylight saving! I’m tired).

I so love the fact that the days are longer, more bright and that Spring has finally decided to make an appearance. I even saw a butterfly yesterday and when poking around the garden I saw leaves sprouting and things growing where a couple of weeks ago there was nothing. Still colder than on the dark side of the Moon, but I’ve heard that if Spring is cold Summer’s going to be nice and toasty. I do hope so! Last Summer was such a disappointment, rainy and cloudy (it was like living in one of the Twilight novels, minus the sparkles).

Wednesdays are my worst days, I have to get up at 5.30 (which isn’t sane in any way) and I haven’t eaten anything yet. Just drank two cups of tea when I got to work and I “forgot” to bring lunch… I could go to the cafeteria and get whatever’s being served, but I probably won’t (because I’m lazy and would rather get really fat eating chocolate than walk 200m to get a proper meal).

The other day my husband sent me link to a job, it’s in a neighbouring town and at a high school, the only trouble is that is starts in May and classes here don’t end until the second week of June. I’m applying (of course) and when I spoke with my principal this morning he sounded as if we’ll work around any problems arising, should I be offered the position. Fingers crossed I get it, that would be a year of work for me and a major weight off my back…

Anyhow, time to gather the swarm (yes, I refer to my students as pesky insects) – lunch time!