ImageWhen ever I feel really really crappy I grab a hold of my copy of Jane Austen’s Persuasion. Some days I read the whole thing, other (like super boring yesterday) I only read a few chapters, but it never fails to brighten my day. I might have to sit down for a while when the little one is sleeping (I should be cleaning, the dust bunnies underneath the couch are planning a war against the gravel in the utility room, might get horribly bloody)…

Something else that feels bloody crap to do is my uni essay. I have to sit down and gather the results from the test into some sort of graph and I need to scribble down some questions to ask my students (booooring and boring). My study buddy in Gothenburg must be ready to kill me by know since I’ve failed to deliver (I’m the worst student/study buddy ever). Shit happens I guess, and in this instance it’s work and everything coming at once (excuses excuses excuses).

Anyhow, today was Pumpkin’s first day at daycare. We spent an hour there looking at things and talking with the staff, the twins are just next door so we know everyone. It’s great that we were able to get a spot, but on the other hand I’m quite sad, I’ll miss the baby days (she hasn’t been a baby since she turned 1, but she’s still MY baby). She seemed really content, pulling toys out, looking at the other kids and wandering around exploring. This will be just fine, I know, but still… my baby’s all grown up! *sadface.*


Gorram, this daylight saving has really messed me up (yes, it’s possible to mess me up further, I’m not that far gone – yet)! The clock says 12.21, my body says 11.21 and tomorrow morning I have to get up at 5.30 (4.30 WTF!!!).

Mornings are EVIL and whoever came up with the idea of mornings should be made to suffer… a lot of horrible things (like getting up sodding-early o’clock)!

I hear the dust bunnies marching, better get the vacuum cleaner out and stop them before we have the 3d WW happening.