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ImageApparently I have (well, we ALL have) some kind of rocks or crystals in the ear. When these go on vacation in some other area than where they should be, it causes a sense of dizziness and vertigo. I experienced this two years ago (when last pregnant), then it continued for about two weeks (and was a lot worse). I’ve now felt dizzy and slightly sick for two days, it’s not as bad as it was the first time, but man… it SUCKS big time! It helps to move your head from side to side, even better if you lie down, so that’s what I do (even though the dizziness gets even worse as soon as I sit or lie down). Since it’s not as bad as last time, I’m hoping it’ll pass soon (or I won’t be able to work at all this week, too bad. Too baaaaaad.)

We have a national holiday this week, Wednesday is May 1st and we all get time off from work (unless you work, then you’re at work). Next week we have another holiday on Thursday, meaning that we all get Friday off as well. I do so like May in Sweden…

Tomorrow I have an appointment at the hospital. Five years ago I was diagnosed with skin cancer, they removed the afflicted mole and I’ve been on regular checkups ever since. I find it kinda ironic that I, who smothered myself in sunscreen and was ever so careful, got skin cancer. After reading a poster at the hospital I found that out of 12 things listed I hit 10 spot on (blonde, green eyes, always red first then tanned, many moles etc etc.).

So peoples! Listen up: Skin Cancer is NOT all it’s jacked up to be. Be careful when you’re in the sun and stay in the shade between 11 am – 3 pm (that’s when the sun’s rays do the most damage).

Anyhow, I’m taking my dizzy self and playing some Kinect Adventures with the kids. Moving about is so much better than resting.



ImageGawd! Every morning this week I’ve turned the alarm off and gone back to sleep. No time for breakfast… put my face on, find clothes that aren’t too bad and zoom off in my car.

What I miss most is a nice cuppa; at work I have lukewarm water from the coffee machine and milk from small pyramid shaped cartons, but at least the tea’s decent.  I think I might have to go take a walk during lunch, to the candy store a few blocks away from school (yeah, ‘cuz it’s Friday, I’m an adult and I eat as much candy as I please!).

Riiiiiiight, so I should get cracking with any kind of work related thing. But I find myself browsing YouTube for silly gaming videos. I have a few channels I keep coming back to and it always makes me happy when they have something new for me to look at, or when I find an old gem that I’ve missed (I wanna go home to my Xbox!!!).

me3I’m playing Mass Effect (one) again, there are some bugs (not talking about the Rachni here) that annoy the heck out of me, but the story is so AWESOME! I’m sooo in love with that game (which you might have noticed if you’ve read my blog) and I want them to make more games… yes, the original story line is all done, but there’s a whole galaxy out there! Make more Mass Effect games!!! 

Blergh, I’m getting all grumpy here; wishing I was home playing Mass Effect and stuffing my face with candy.

I need a break.

Time to go down to the teacher’s lounge and get another cuppa.


Right. Priorities. I need to make a list of things that need doing and then in what order they need to be done (boooring).

  1. Edit uni essay
  2. Print papers for parent-teacher meetings
  3. Correct papers
  4. Edit short story for competition
  5. Finish writing novel

I really (really really) wish I could turn that list around, delete most of it and just do what I love. Anyone up to donating a crapload of money, for me to follow my dream and not have to deal with trivial things like work?


I’m quite sure there’s someone out there with more money than they need and I on the other hand would exactly know what to do with some of it. I’ll just keep hoping for it then…

The missing essay turned up, the student had taken it home with her… not my fault then after all (which is what I’ve claimed all along). On the other hand, I should have double checked the pile. Or, nah. I can’t be bothered anymore. It’s been found, it’ll be sent off and that’s the end of that.

ImageSomething I’ll miss about this place is the printer/copier; it’s brill to have when I want to print my own stuff and proof read my texts. I can do that to some extent on the screen, but after a while I go all cross-eyed and miss mistakes. If it’s printed it’s easier to read. Today I printed one of my shorts, it’s a little over 9000 words and that’s WAY too much to proof read on screen.

Anyhow people, the day’s begun and I have stuff to do (all super boring and paying the bills).



There’s only one thing keeping me together at the moment… buckets and buckets of tea. Don’t know why, but I’ve been super emotional these last few days. It’s a little inconvenient since it has me tearing up at the slightest hint of sorrow, anger, fatigue or happiness.
The other day, going home from Gothenburg, I was listening to “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and very sad things were happening in the story. I kept staring out the window blinking tears out of my eyes when they came to check our tickets. She gave my teary eyes and runny nose an arched eyebrow, but I just smiled apologetically and turned to stare out the window again (maybe I just need to get my act together and stop being such a sap?).

Anyhow, I’ve sent a job application to a school in a nearby town, I do so hope to get that job! It’s only for one year, someone’s on maternity leave, but it would be one year of not having to worry that much about money.



Pale morning light shines
Curtain still hiding the world
We lie here as one

… down to Gothenburg. My essay writing partner and I had decided that we would meet today and talk about our essay and try to see what we have left. Turned out it’s not *that* much that needs doing, which was a nice surprise. We’re going to email our supervisor some questions, and depending on his answers we’re more or less done.

I love going to Gothenburg. The crowds, the shops, the atmosphere, the trams and just being by myself is such a relief from my everyday routine. I love being with my kids (alright husband, you’re not too bad…) but having time to myself, going at my own pace, doing what I like – that’s priceless.

Tomorrow’s the best day of the week: Sunday and ballet class. I finally have a pair of shoes (Wheeee!)!!! They look something like this (not my feet and perfectly shaved legs!).


Anyhow, I’m going to let the essay be at the moment. Can’t focus anymore tonight and I really want to send a short story to a competition (can’t decide which one to send though), so the rest of today is going to be spent reading and editing one or two short stories (and eat lots of chocolate and drink buckets of tea).


ImageNo, I don’t have any real friends, in real life, outside of the interweb. So now I’m hoping random people out in interweb space will notice me and wish me a happy birthday (pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe me)…

Nah, I’m just really narcissistic.

Anyhow, I was challanged by a student yesterday: “Read this novel in one day!” It’s “Tomorrow when the war began” and I’m all like: “Pffff… I read 1000 pages in one day, I think I can manage 270!”  I only got to page 99 before having to head to bed, luckily I don’t have that class until 2.30 this afternoon (it’s now 8am), so I still have time to get all the way.

Because I NEED to win this (don’t have to explain why now, do I?!Image

Bugger, I’m late for our morning staff meeting (we get birthday cake today!)…


panic-wildly-and-run-away-2I got an email saying something very important had been lost: an essay by one of my students. My first thought was that I had messed up (because come on! I screw up ALL THE TIME). But after turning my office upside down in search of the lost essay I found nothing. This can only mean that I DID send it off with the others and that it’s been lost after that (can you hear my sigh of relief?!).

Yesterday I had such a bad headache, must have been a migraine, because of the stress I felt and I didn’t eat anything until 3 in the afternoon. Husband’s away at the moment, so I had to drop off/pick up the Horde by myself, which is a bit of a hassle when I work 7am – 4pm and their schedule is from 7.30am – 2,30pm… If I had thought about it some (hahaha). I would have changed their schedule, because you can do that if you need to. Today they stay at daycare until 4 and I can get stuff out of the way at work.

Then we have a such exciting event this evening! It’s PTA at my twins school, the school they start in August. No more daycare for them, they actually start SCHOOL! My babies, they grow up so fast… *sobs.*

Well today, I’m cool as a cucumber. Nothing bothers me, no one can get me with their teasing, it’s something of a sport here at my job (wankers). I only have one thing on my agenda: go to an ATM and get me some cash. One of our naighbours is selling something called “Majblomman” (“May flower” in English), it’s to make money for a school trip and one part of that money goes to an organisation that helps kids that have nowhere to go on holiday to go do things. So it’s for a good cause, or maybe two counting the school trip.

Anyhow, I need food (I want candy) and I need to get to the nearest ATM (clueless about that, it’ll be an adventure!).




Yesterday was brilliant, not the seminar I had to attend in the morning, but after lunch I got to visit my favourite bookstore in the world! The Science Fiction Bookstore can be found in three cities here in Sweden: Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. It’s THE place to get your fill of scifi, fantasy, urban, horror or anything not mainstream fix!

Even though I have an extensive list of books and movies I really want to buy I ended up just bying one book, and that one wasn’t even on my list. Ursula LeGuin is one of my favourite authors and she has published a book about writing, it’s based on a writers workshop she held in 1996 and contains all kinds of exercises for writers. Brilliant doesn’t even begin to cover it. I want to think I’ll be as good as her after finishing these exercises… please let it be so!

I’m going to start working with this book as soon as possible, but I know it’s going to be hard finding the time for it. I have so much to do at work and maybe even more to do when it comes to my uni essay. It’s such a bummer that all my writing time gets eaten by all these trivial things like work and studying (if I could I’d say “Sod it!” to everything else, but I hear it’s good to eat now and then)…


I spent little over an hour browsing the various items they have in there, I found a pen and paper RPG that I played a lot when I was younger. Would be really cool the get my hands on that and play some with my friends. Too bad most of my RPG friends live far away right now and when we meet it’s more about catching up than getting to play. This particular game is called: “Drakar och Demoner” = “Dragons and Demons”, and I think it’s a Swedish take on Dungeons & Dragons (I might be completely wrong here, so don’t get too mad at me). 

I also found this great looking game called: “More than Human”, which had the scenario that some humans developed superpowers and then have to decide if they want to save humanity or destroy it (classic take on the superhuman vs. human story, but still very cool). It all takes place during the 80’s, so you have to think about that when playing: the clothes, the tech, world politics etc.

The fact that it’s not taking place in our present time might in fact be more of a challenge than trying to play someone with superpowers and struggling with being good or evil, because we can all relate to that struggle.

I grew up during the 80’s and have some memories of how things were, but I was a teen during the 90’s and the images from that decade are way clearer than the ones from the 80’s (duh!). On the other hand I love many of the artists that were big back then, so looking at their album covers I can easily picture how people (at least the cool people) dressed and wore their hair.

There was one more item that caught my fancy, a model of the Normandy, the ship from Mass Effect! I’d love to go complete nerd and buy it, but it’s a wee bit too expensive for me to buy at the moment. I spent some time flipping through the Mass Effect comic books as well, really like the way they’ve done them. Maybe some day I’ll be able to buy all that stuff (a girl can ream, can’t she?)…


Anyhow, I’ll leave you with a pic of me grinning like an idiot (don’t comment on that!), standing by a shelf consisting only of science fiction novels. The feel, smell and sight of all those wonderful books has my heart go all pitter patter just writing about it.

Books are one of the most important reasons for living, you can quote me on that!


I’m at the hairdressers, I can’t believe I’m actually sitting here waiting for my turn. My hair’s going to look wonderful again (I’m choking up just thinking about it).
I’m Instagraming (is that even a word?) the whole thing, because this needs to be documented… might even grace the blog with images of me hair (and face, you get that with pics of my hair).
But now I’m just going to enjoy the fact that I’m here, soon to be pretty again.


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