These last four days we spent about 7 hours (round trip) in the car to spend Easter with my parents. We didn’t go last year because we thought mini monster was too little (4 moths) to make the trip. Everything was fine this year, until we only had about 20 minutes left to drive… out of nowhere she was sick all over herself and her car seat.

It was like watching a geysir go off (poor thing).

Luckily my mum works close by to where the geysir incident happened and we could stop by her office, change monster’s clothes and clean the mess up as best we could before heading home to my parent’s house.


Good Friday we spent at Kolmården Animal Park. I thought many of the animals would be in hiding due to the amount of snow we still have here, but was I wrong (YAY)!

We even got to see the Lynx and the Snow leopards, I’ve never seen either before (the buggers been hiding every time we tried spotting them)!

I’m a major cat person, love the critters with all my heart, and the fact that the tigers were all really close to the fence was beyond awesome! One even Meowed (or growled quietly).  

The Horde loved it, they even forgot to complain about the cold winds, and all in all it was an awesome day. The best thing about going at Easter is that there aren’t that many visitors, we’ve been at summer too and then you have to fight your way through everyone wanting to get a glimpse of the animals.

But I have to say it’s a tad warmer in July than it was on Friday, and much less ice and snow (it’s usually warm and sweaty as Mercuries front side, but that’s another matter)…

Last night I was robbed… they took an hour of my sleep and I’m not getting it back until November. Bloody bastards! Daylight savings, what’s the point?


In mum’s garden I did spot something that gave me hope about Spring being around the corner (and it had me forget about time thieves): a lovely little purple Crocus greeting me and the sun. I really must put some of those into the ground later this year, I’ve missed not having anything growing in my garden until late Spring/early Summer.

When we got home we saw that a lot of the snow had melted away, I’d really like it to rain for a day or two, get that last bit of yukky snow off the ground. Husband said something about us getting MORE snow next week, but I think that’s just someone trying to pull our legs (HAS to be, no more snow! Not now!).

Anyhow, I haven’t had any time to write these last few days so I’m giving it a shot tonight (wish me luck).