I’m trying to get one of my short stories in order to be sent in to a competition that ends April 30th. I’m kinda done, the framework, beginning, climax and ending are all where they should be, it’s just that it needs some spit and polish. *coughing and hocking up giant loogie.*

Maybe not, I just need to flesh it out some and I think I’ll be done waaaay before deadline (way to go me!).

lifegiveslemons_fullpic_artworkToday my principal told me that he was sure I didn’t have any chance of working there after summer, which (as I’ve said) is all fine by me.

I even spent some time calling other schools, asking them if I should send them anything. They all told me to email them and I think I’ll try to dig up my old CV tomorrow and update it (haven’t used it since I got the job at my present school, things have happened the last five years). We’ll see if anyone can offer me a job, there have been major cutbacks all over since we have a drop in number of students.

Apparently there weren’t that many kids born in Sweden 1997 and onward… we’re looking at a few years where the classes will be small and many teachers will find it hard to find work, especially if you demand working 100% (I’m looking for 50% or less, uni is taking a lot of my time).

Anyhow, nothing’s happening when it comes to my hair either. I’ve tried getting appointments both today and tomorrow but no, it’s bloody impossible! This morning I tore a hairband that got stuck in the ugly mess that is my hair, I got mad and pulled and it just snapped!

AND I couldn’t wear any eye makeup today. My left eye is red and kinda scratchy feeling, like it got grains of sand in it. I know I should go to the pharmacy and get some eye drops, but I forgot. Tomorrow. I’ll go tomorrow (maybe, if I remember to). *incoherent mumbling.*

It’s getting late and I want to write some more, hopefully the story will be done by the end of this week (fingers crossed).