Snow and ice and cold as… well, *very* cold. We had -14C this morning and it’s close to that this evening too. I am NOT impressed at all. Some spreader of joy told me we had +19C this week last year, like that’s supposed to make me happy. Bloody March, get to the Spring-part already!

ImageIt’s not all bad though. I took an hour long walk after lunch (the sun was shining from a clear blue sky) and it made me feel content. I think the best part was when I saw ants milling about in the sun on their anthill (I have proof of this on my phone, let’s see if I can get the pic in here). I mean, if they’re out and running Spring *can’t* be far behind, can it? In less than a moth’s time it’s my birthday and I so wish it to be nice and warm by then, it would be lovely to be able to have a small birthday celebration out back on the patio, sipping tea in the sunshine.

Well, for the time being I’ll just write more stuff (don’t know what though), blog about everything and nothing (mostly nothing), drink buckets of tea (think I need some more right now), watch hubby play CoD (rat-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta… Why’d they have to kill off Soap Mactavish?! I loved him!) and wait for my book parcel from Neal Asher to arrive (yes, I fangirled and bought one of his books directly from him, so as I could get a dedication in my name). That book better come soon!

Oh, it’s Orbus btw, the third and final book about Spatterjay (one being: The Skinner and two: The Voyage of the Sable Keech). Yes, you SHOULD read his stuff, especially if you like hardcore SF with big ships, big guns, crazies, AI’s and wonderfully wicked aliens.

Okay, enough with the promotion… back to my YA and trying to get the story be more put-together (though I feel like: headdesk, headdesk, headdesk).