So I found out the other day that there’s little chance of me teaching at my school come August. We have few students applying to our school and too many language teachers. On the other hand they’re not saying I’m fired, just that unless someone quits or we get more students, there won’t be any classes for me (yeah, I’ll just hold my breath now then, shall I?).

Am I upset? No. I’ve not really been happy there the last couple of years (I’m not going to go into that now, I still work there..) and I’d rather see this as an opportunity to try working at another school, or even do something else. My dream would be to be able to write for a living, a dream I’m shelving at the moment due to the Horde (my kids that is) and taking uni courses.

I’ve gotten to know quite a few people these last few years that have the same dream I do: to live on their writing. Some have been published, others refused, a couple haven’t even been in contact with publishers, but all carry their stories and hopes close to their hearts. I wish them all luck, and joy, and that their muse never leaves them.

My writing has been almost nonexistent until just recently. I wrote a couple of short stories (SF all of them) and I’ve sent two of them to competitions. It would be so cool to win, or even be acknowledged as being a good writer. Friends and family say I write good stories, but even though I don’t think they’d lie about it, they’re still biased. I need someone I trust to be completely honest and “professional” to say it, for me to truly believe it’s true (am I being the biggest snob here?).

Tonight I’ve been working at home, I have audio files to get in order to be sent off to Argentina for examination. The IB Program has the funniest way of dealing with everything…

Anyhow, I’ll leave you with an awesome song by the Foo Fighters.