ImageHere are some pics from the village of Varnhem, where I grew up. Most of them are from the creek where my bff and I spent all our summers having the best adventures known to anyone!

I’ve written a short story about this creek, in Swedish and at the moment I’m not going to bother translating it for you. Just believe me when I say it’s awesome (you know me, modesty is my best trait)!

The water is icy cold, but that never stopped us from wading in it, be it spring, summer or autumn. It runs from the small mountain (it’s a tiny and flat mountain because it was manhandled by ice during the ice age) and out into the small lake not far from my village (it’s bird watchers paradise that lake, us kids had to bicycle there once a year to stare at birds and complain about not getting to do cooler things at school). I actually liked going to the lake, might have been my dad the Biologist that had me brainwashed to enjoy nature at an early age… yes dad, I blame YOU!


Also, we have one of the prettiest churches in Sweden. The one that stands there today is from the 1660-70’s, but the ruins and the foundation are from 1150.

They’ve found Viking graves, which are among the earliest Christian graves in the country, from somewhere around 1040.

It’s so cool to have grown up a stones throw from all this history and I have so many great memories from running around the ruins and in the woods and creek behind the church.

If you’re ever in my neighbourhood, please ask me to give you a guided tour of the church. It’ll save you some bucks and I can do it as well as any guide they have there (I’m even better than some of them…).

I had the (mis)fortune to get a guided tour two summer’s ago, and it was painful! The guide kept getting off track and what should have been a 30 min tour took ages and we didn’t even get the information we were expecting.

Boy, did she like the sound of her own voice!

Anyhow, picture of a very pretty church coming right up (also, it‘s where we got married. fyi)!