balletshoe1As you may well know, Sundays mean ballet.

At the moment I’m still high on Endorphin and really hyper, I will try to sit still and finish my Swedish SF short story though.

It’s sooo nice to finally know what my teacher says when she speaks of: Battement Tendu or Grand Jeté, I just position myself and give it my best shot. Today she said I have really nice ballet feet, ONE good thing with having high arches (mostly it sucks because I can’t wear what ever shoes I want). Speaking of shoes, my ballet shoes had arrived… but they didn’t fit: because of my high arches! Now my teacher’s going to look around for another model and hopefully I’ll get a pair in a few weeks time. Anyhow, my bum and my arms are going to be a wee bit stiff tomorrow, all those leg lifts and core practices take their toll!

Now I really need to get cracking on my short if I’m to have any chance of sending it to the competition on time (deadline tomorrow!).