…good thing I have WordPress and you.

I’ve set a goal for today: 2000 words minimum. So far I have about 1400 and I know that I’ll reach my goal tonight when we’ve managed to get the Horde to sleep. At the moment I’m writing on my romance novel, don’t know what’ll become of it, it might just become a short story. I don’t mind though, it’s just great to be able to get the story from out of my imagination down into words I can read on my screen.

I’m not going to get my hair sorted until the week before Easter, which sucks big time… but I can’t find the time to do it and that’s that (I’m quite angry, but what’s the point in whining about it?).

Anyhow, tonight I get to write more and drink beer and watch Firefly. Don’t think things can get any better right now.