Okay, so today started off… BAD! My phone died during the night (just the batteries thank god!), meaning that my alarm didn’t go off as it should. Thankfully some twisted God of the Morning made sure I woke up 5.32 am (two minutes after my alarm SHOULD have gone off), so I had time to put my face on anyway.

Then I had to wake the kids to get the twins to preschool and Pumpkin to grandma. I had to make sure the Pirate had his soccer outfit with him (practice today) and gran wanted Pumpkin’s pram, so I had to load that into the car too.

Then we were off! Realized I’d forgotten my phone at home (PHUKK!), dumped the twins at preschool and went home after it. Alright, over to gran and leave my baby (and ask gran to wash the soccer outfit, because I forgot to do that…). She pulls out the outfit, and I see that instead of grabbing the white shorts – I shoved a white t-shirt into his sports bag (OH COME ON ALREADY, GIVE ME A BREAK!)!!! So now I have to pop by the house and grab his shorts before his grandad can take him to practice. (headdesk headdesk headdesk)

(And then suddenly gran calls, says she has our key and that grandad can stop by the house after picking the twins up, meaning that I don’t have to rush home after all… is this day actually going to end up being okay? *finger crossed.*)


At the moment I’m bored stiff from making vocabulary test on Socrative, I’m using that website so as I don’t have to correct them. I get the results and the students get to use their smart phones (win/win). But it’s boring as hell and I just wish I didn’t have to write that stupid essay! Who needs a degree anyway? I’m a brill teacher (the lazy part isn’t anything that needs to be discussed)!

I comforted myself with sushi. There’s ONE place to get GOOD sushi here, and it’s in the town where I work. Today I just HAD to go there. Yummy doesn’t even begin to cover it. 🙂

Right, back to work… (really? not anyone who’d come take me away from all this? no one? please?)