This is a small sample of the music of my youth (alright, I’m not that old, but it’s from my teens). I spent hours today looking through my CD collection, listening to music and remembering how it felt like listening to those songs when I was 15-16-17-18-19-20. Oh, glorious 90’s! Never mind the teenage angst, the spots, the weird clothes and the never ending stream of unrequited love (for a few years I changed love interests more often than I changed underwear).


Anyhow, I wonder how my kids are going to remember their teens. It’s not as if we buy that many CD’s anymore… I haven’t bought one in YEARS. Now all I do is listen to songs on Spotify or watch videos on YouTube, I even had to play my CD’s on our DVD player. But that was okay, because the kids and I rocked out to the music and I had a chance to indoctrinate them… [insert evil laugh]

As always on Sundays I’ve been to ballet, and even though I know my legs and bum and back will hurt tomorrow – it’s so totally worth it! Hopefully I get my shoes next week, dancing in socks isn’t that great: I slipped after a jump last week (made a total fool of myself, but no one seemed to notice as I do that all the time).


Thursday I’ve made an appointment to get my hair coloured and cut (loony is the word that comes to mind when I see myself in the mirror), but if I’m not completely mistaken I have to sit and guard the IB students Final MOCKS on Thursday… pleeeeease don’t be at the same time as my hair appointment! Please! 

Pwetty Please?