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These last four days we spent about 7 hours (round trip) in the car to spend Easter with my parents. We didn’t go last year because we thought mini monster was too little (4 moths) to make the trip. Everything was fine this year, until we only had about 20 minutes left to drive… out of nowhere she was sick all over herself and her car seat.

It was like watching a geysir go off (poor thing).

Luckily my mum works close by to where the geysir incident happened and we could stop by her office, change monster’s clothes and clean the mess up as best we could before heading home to my parent’s house.


Good Friday we spent at Kolmården Animal Park. I thought many of the animals would be in hiding due to the amount of snow we still have here, but was I wrong (YAY)!

We even got to see the Lynx and the Snow leopards, I’ve never seen either before (the buggers been hiding every time we tried spotting them)!

I’m a major cat person, love the critters with all my heart, and the fact that the tigers were all really close to the fence was beyond awesome! One even Meowed (or growled quietly).  

The Horde loved it, they even forgot to complain about the cold winds, and all in all it was an awesome day. The best thing about going at Easter is that there aren’t that many visitors, we’ve been at summer too and then you have to fight your way through everyone wanting to get a glimpse of the animals.

But I have to say it’s a tad warmer in July than it was on Friday, and much less ice and snow (it’s usually warm and sweaty as Mercuries front side, but that’s another matter)…

Last night I was robbed… they took an hour of my sleep and I’m not getting it back until November. Bloody bastards! Daylight savings, what’s the point?


In mum’s garden I did spot something that gave me hope about Spring being around the corner (and it had me forget about time thieves): a lovely little purple Crocus greeting me and the sun. I really must put some of those into the ground later this year, I’ve missed not having anything growing in my garden until late Spring/early Summer.

When we got home we saw that a lot of the snow had melted away, I’d really like it to rain for a day or two, get that last bit of yukky snow off the ground. Husband said something about us getting MORE snow next week, but I think that’s just someone trying to pull our legs (HAS to be, no more snow! Not now!).

Anyhow, I haven’t had any time to write these last few days so I’m giving it a shot tonight (wish me luck).



To me 5.13 am isn’t morning, it’s closer to night if anything…
Today my youngest monster decided it was a waste of daylight if we didn’t get up straight away (the sun is almost above the horizon at that time). This after a rough night where she fussed and woke us every other hour, I hope she’s not coming down with something.


I need to get dressed, it’s not as if I’ll get to go back to sleep and we have a lot to do today. This Easter we’re visiting my parents and when there’s five people to pack for you need to get cracking. I just hope nothing’s in the wash…

I’m trying to get one of my short stories in order to be sent in to a competition that ends April 30th. I’m kinda done, the framework, beginning, climax and ending are all where they should be, it’s just that it needs some spit and polish. *coughing and hocking up giant loogie.*

Maybe not, I just need to flesh it out some and I think I’ll be done waaaay before deadline (way to go me!).

lifegiveslemons_fullpic_artworkToday my principal told me that he was sure I didn’t have any chance of working there after summer, which (as I’ve said) is all fine by me.

I even spent some time calling other schools, asking them if I should send them anything. They all told me to email them and I think I’ll try to dig up my old CV tomorrow and update it (haven’t used it since I got the job at my present school, things have happened the last five years). We’ll see if anyone can offer me a job, there have been major cutbacks all over since we have a drop in number of students.

Apparently there weren’t that many kids born in Sweden 1997 and onward… we’re looking at a few years where the classes will be small and many teachers will find it hard to find work, especially if you demand working 100% (I’m looking for 50% or less, uni is taking a lot of my time).

Anyhow, nothing’s happening when it comes to my hair either. I’ve tried getting appointments both today and tomorrow but no, it’s bloody impossible! This morning I tore a hairband that got stuck in the ugly mess that is my hair, I got mad and pulled and it just snapped!

AND I couldn’t wear any eye makeup today. My left eye is red and kinda scratchy feeling, like it got grains of sand in it. I know I should go to the pharmacy and get some eye drops, but I forgot. Tomorrow. I’ll go tomorrow (maybe, if I remember to). *incoherent mumbling.*

It’s getting late and I want to write some more, hopefully the story will be done by the end of this week (fingers crossed).


Snow and ice and cold as… well, *very* cold. We had -14C this morning and it’s close to that this evening too. I am NOT impressed at all. Some spreader of joy told me we had +19C this week last year, like that’s supposed to make me happy. Bloody March, get to the Spring-part already!

ImageIt’s not all bad though. I took an hour long walk after lunch (the sun was shining from a clear blue sky) and it made me feel content. I think the best part was when I saw ants milling about in the sun on their anthill (I have proof of this on my phone, let’s see if I can get the pic in here). I mean, if they’re out and running Spring *can’t* be far behind, can it? In less than a moth’s time it’s my birthday and I so wish it to be nice and warm by then, it would be lovely to be able to have a small birthday celebration out back on the patio, sipping tea in the sunshine.

Well, for the time being I’ll just write more stuff (don’t know what though), blog about everything and nothing (mostly nothing), drink buckets of tea (think I need some more right now), watch hubby play CoD (rat-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta… Why’d they have to kill off Soap Mactavish?! I loved him!) and wait for my book parcel from Neal Asher to arrive (yes, I fangirled and bought one of his books directly from him, so as I could get a dedication in my name). That book better come soon!

Oh, it’s Orbus btw, the third and final book about Spatterjay (one being: The Skinner and two: The Voyage of the Sable Keech). Yes, you SHOULD read his stuff, especially if you like hardcore SF with big ships, big guns, crazies, AI’s and wonderfully wicked aliens.

Okay, enough with the promotion… back to my YA and trying to get the story be more put-together (though I feel like: headdesk, headdesk, headdesk).





So I found out the other day that there’s little chance of me teaching at my school come August. We have few students applying to our school and too many language teachers. On the other hand they’re not saying I’m fired, just that unless someone quits or we get more students, there won’t be any classes for me (yeah, I’ll just hold my breath now then, shall I?).

Am I upset? No. I’ve not really been happy there the last couple of years (I’m not going to go into that now, I still work there..) and I’d rather see this as an opportunity to try working at another school, or even do something else. My dream would be to be able to write for a living, a dream I’m shelving at the moment due to the Horde (my kids that is) and taking uni courses.

I’ve gotten to know quite a few people these last few years that have the same dream I do: to live on their writing. Some have been published, others refused, a couple haven’t even been in contact with publishers, but all carry their stories and hopes close to their hearts. I wish them all luck, and joy, and that their muse never leaves them.

My writing has been almost nonexistent until just recently. I wrote a couple of short stories (SF all of them) and I’ve sent two of them to competitions. It would be so cool to win, or even be acknowledged as being a good writer. Friends and family say I write good stories, but even though I don’t think they’d lie about it, they’re still biased. I need someone I trust to be completely honest and “professional” to say it, for me to truly believe it’s true (am I being the biggest snob here?).

Tonight I’ve been working at home, I have audio files to get in order to be sent off to Argentina for examination. The IB Program has the funniest way of dealing with everything…

Anyhow, I’ll leave you with an awesome song by the Foo Fighters.


ImageHere are some pics from the village of Varnhem, where I grew up. Most of them are from the creek where my bff and I spent all our summers having the best adventures known to anyone!

I’ve written a short story about this creek, in Swedish and at the moment I’m not going to bother translating it for you. Just believe me when I say it’s awesome (you know me, modesty is my best trait)!

The water is icy cold, but that never stopped us from wading in it, be it spring, summer or autumn. It runs from the small mountain (it’s a tiny and flat mountain because it was manhandled by ice during the ice age) and out into the small lake not far from my village (it’s bird watchers paradise that lake, us kids had to bicycle there once a year to stare at birds and complain about not getting to do cooler things at school). I actually liked going to the lake, might have been my dad the Biologist that had me brainwashed to enjoy nature at an early age… yes dad, I blame YOU!


Also, we have one of the prettiest churches in Sweden. The one that stands there today is from the 1660-70’s, but the ruins and the foundation are from 1150.

They’ve found Viking graves, which are among the earliest Christian graves in the country, from somewhere around 1040.

It’s so cool to have grown up a stones throw from all this history and I have so many great memories from running around the ruins and in the woods and creek behind the church.

If you’re ever in my neighbourhood, please ask me to give you a guided tour of the church. It’ll save you some bucks and I can do it as well as any guide they have there (I’m even better than some of them…).

I had the (mis)fortune to get a guided tour two summer’s ago, and it was painful! The guide kept getting off track and what should have been a 30 min tour took ages and we didn’t even get the information we were expecting.

Boy, did she like the sound of her own voice!

Anyhow, picture of a very pretty church coming right up (also, it‘s where we got married. fyi)!



… well, I *can’t*.

I have two short stories that I’ve written, both are SF and yet very different. Later this year a small publishing house is going to publish an anthology of Swedish SF and I’ve decided to send one of my stories. I’ve asked people on the interweb what they think and so far it’s my SF Romance that’s in the lead.

So I thought, why not ask you guys as well! 

planet_marsMy oldest short is the Romance SF: Dancing in the Temple, here’s the beginning (quickly translated from Swedish so try not to mind any weirdness):

“Every day I dance for you in your temple. The veil covers my face, hiding my tears when I perform the ritual that is my lot in life. The black silk dress billows lightly with my movements, it fits tightly around my waist and flows down to hide my bare feet. Sometimes ecstasy  takes over and I can’t do anything but follow its savage whims. In those moments, I want you to take human form and dance with me, here before the altar. Other days grief swallows me whole and the only thing I want is to escape; away from the temple, from the sisters, from you. I look into your eyes, give me an answer, do you hear my prayers?

At night I dream of the cracks in the surface of the planet, how you walk over the red sand and bless us with your presence. I put my spacesuit on before I leave the temple, the dancing is done for now, through the glass dome all the stars in the Milky Way shine down on me. With one last glance up at your stone face I close the airlock. My bed is waiting for me over at the sisters’ dorm and so are my dreams, of you.”




mutant-chronicles-filmThe other one is a Demon SF: The Last Chronicle, first few paragraphs (again, translated from Swedish):

“We did not know any better, that much is now clear after I have read more of the lost documents. Seraha and Malik got out alive from the buried city, but they have now disappeared into that cursed Darkness and the madness that follows. Among the things they had with them, we found the old letter, which beyond any doubt tells of another reality before this. I have now resigned myself to the fact that the world was once a paradise, a place where people thrived and where a single moon lit up the starry nights.

Poor Malik, he really wanted to be the one who discovered the past, the man who gave us back our humanity… he got more than he could handle. I hear him mumbling in the cell next to mine, obscure words, repeated over and over again. They tied him up with ropes so that he won’t throw himself against the walls in his attempts to unite with his ruler. The cell reeks of feces and vomit, he now refuses to eat and if nothing is done soon, he will starve to death. The ropes have broken the skin around his wrists and ankles and the monks try to ease his pain with opium. His eyes, which used to be full of curiousity and hiding a sharp intellect are glassy. They see something beyond the walls that we can’t. When we found them, he was silent, distant; it was Seraha who made us understand what had happened.”


Do you feel as if you want to read more (or do they both suck? no, don’t tell me that if that’s what you think!)

Anyhow, I might give my romance (no SF, just plain romance) a go… just hope the little one sleeps a little while longer.


Jane Austen

I love Jane Austen’s novels. The first one I read was Pride and Prejudice and after that incredible reading experience I just had to read all of them.
My absolute favourite is Persuasion, it has more of an edge than P&P. If you haven’t read it – DO! Or watch the BBC movie from 2007, a great make.

balletshoe1As you may well know, Sundays mean ballet.

At the moment I’m still high on Endorphin and really hyper, I will try to sit still and finish my Swedish SF short story though.

It’s sooo nice to finally know what my teacher says when she speaks of: Battement Tendu or Grand Jeté, I just position myself and give it my best shot. Today she said I have really nice ballet feet, ONE good thing with having high arches (mostly it sucks because I can’t wear what ever shoes I want). Speaking of shoes, my ballet shoes had arrived… but they didn’t fit: because of my high arches! Now my teacher’s going to look around for another model and hopefully I’ll get a pair in a few weeks time. Anyhow, my bum and my arms are going to be a wee bit stiff tomorrow, all those leg lifts and core practices take their toll!

Now I really need to get cracking on my short if I’m to have any chance of sending it to the competition on time (deadline tomorrow!).


Procrastination, it's an art!

Wow, I managed to correct two whole papers before I sidetracked on to the interweb… Impressive!

Now I’m guessing it’s going to take me double that time before I’m back on track. Nothing is better at helping you procrastinate than the interweb and all its silly nothingness.
Wish me luck!

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