All my wobbly bits and a sometimes (often) fried brain (that’ll say just about anything), make me want to hide beneath a blanket and stuff my mouth full of chocolate. But how is chocolate helping in any way, you might ask yourself.

Well, if you have to ask you’re most definitely not Bridget Jones, or a woman, or a member of the human race (AND if you are an alien: what are you doing on Earth, why are you reading my blog, and what’s with all that probing?)…


It’s a well known fact that chocolate is the answer to just about anything:

  • Fighting with someone – sit down and eat some chocolate together and see if the sugar induced coma leaves you any will left to fight.
  • Not enough time to meet a deadline – close your eyes and eat chocolate, all problems will melt away and when someone nags about the deadline, give them some too.
  • Bored and hungry – go to the shops and buy lots of chocolate, then sit your butt down in front of a film and gobble up every little piece of chocolaty goodness.

Seeing that I’m tired, bored, stressed, whiny and just simply in the mood for something sweet, I’m going downstairs and getting my fix (and Bridget is right there behind me).