For some reason I can’t sleep (I do know why, hubby’s away and the bed’s too empty). Maybe it’s possible to blame the full moon too? It’s rather pretty outside with the moon shining on the snow and the stars twinkling in the dark sky. I wish I could go out there and look at them, point them out and remind myself of their names. Instead I’m in bed (reading and just not sleeping) and my clock tells me it’s Tuesday in just 12 minutes.


I have lots to do at school, have to listen to student’s exams and grade them, but I can’t be bothered (someone hand me the worst-teacher-of-the-year award)… good thing I have tomorrow to do it (yeah, that’ll happen).
Now I’ll turn the sound off my phone, lay down in bed and tell myself to fall asleep.

Goo to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep!