For the last three weeks I’ve driven our Dodge, it’s a minivan and an automatic. Today I had to take our other car, a Renault which is quite a lot smaller than the Dodge… and it’s not an automatic either.


I was SO confused while driving (blonde moment after blonde moment) and it took me forever to figure out if the windshield wipers were operated from the left or right side of the steering wheel. GAH! Being super tired doesn’t help, and I’m dreading driving home later today (don’t end until five).

Well, at least it’s Friday and I don’t work Monday’s and Tuesday’s. Something to look forward to, not having to drive anywhere unless I really want (need) to.

Oh yeah! Ballet on Sunday, my calves have just stopped aching. Wonder if I’ll be able to walk at all on Monday (which I won’t if we do as much jumping)?

I guess I could have worse things to look forward to. 🙂