Played through The Golems of Amgarrak yesterday, took me about 4h (had to pause to get the kids and such). And I haven’t decided if I’m, impressed or not, I’m guessing not… I read online that the Harvester was the toughest adversary i the Dragon Age saga – naaah, not really. Sure I had to start over once, but that was only because I failed to have the characters drink health potions (stupid mistake, thinking they’d manage without any health left on their health bar, doh).




I finished Dragon Age 2 yesterday as well. And even though people complain about it (all caves, houses, alleys are the same…) I can’t help but LOVE it. I mean, what’s not to love? it’s got dragons, and darkspawn, and undead, and demons, and  Qunari, and spiders (lots and lots of spiders) and wonderful companions! Maybe I’ll go right ahead and play it again, not a mage this time though, rogue maybe? Then I’ll get to open all those chests I had to leave behind last time… Who knows, might have had TWO pairs of Torn Trousers in them!


Anyhow, I’ve had various infections the last three weeks, today I got sick again… ain’t life grand (might as well get the zombie virus, because that’s the only one I haven’t had so far!)…


Life! Don’t talk to me about life!

I luuurv Marvin, think I need to watch Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy again, yup that’s exactly what I need.