And that has me freaking out! I mean, how do I interpret these dreams? All of them take place at work… should I find another job? I even dreamed I yelled at a class so much that they broke down and left the classroom. I NEVER yell at my students (I only did that once, and believe me: they had it coming!)

I’ve been away from work for about two weeks, first off sick and then, during last week’s holiday, home with the kids. I haven’t felt as happy in a very long time.. I guess that this proves that I shouldn’t have gone back to work this year… well, it’s “only” four more months before summer, I’ll survive (I think).


Today I spent an hour not thinking about how much I don’t want to be at work: I was at ballet! And I loved it even more this time, even though it was haaaard!

I felt as agile as a cow, and the young teenage girls in my class aren’t helping my feelings on not being the most graceful of creatures… (damn you, young girls you!) But I’ve never experienced this: not thinking about anything but the “workout”. I think I now understand what people are talking about when they say they enjoy working out. That I’d live to see the day (someone better check and see if hell froze over or if there are pigs flying about…)

The essay’s coming along nicely (no thanks to me, all thanks to my partner!), but tonight I’m listening to TED Talks and trying to find those who would suit my students. Really inspiring stuff! So I guess I should S.T.O.P blogging and get down to business (I’ll just read up on all the blogs I’m following first).