Blergh! I think that sums it all up.


The evil germs have finally found me and I’m feeling very sorry for myself. Headache, sore throat and just plain feeling very very sickly. I doubt I’ll make it to 5 a clock today, especially since it takes forever to put together one coherent thought (and my spelling is even worse than usual!). Oh why can’t my day be at an end, and not just beginning?! Whyyy… 

Anyhow, our essay topic at uni got approved, which is nice since we now don’t have to think of a new one. All that’s left is to make the survey, write the damn thing and not loose it. Easy peasy (someone stun me and do all that for me, please?).

Well, it’s time to go to class. They’re reading short stories and today they’re going to tell each other about what they read and I’ll try to look as if I want to be here (if anyone want’s to abduct me, I’m game!). fridaythe12th_fullpic_artwork