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All my wobbly bits and a sometimes (often) fried brain (that’ll say just about anything), make me want to hide beneath a blanket and stuff my mouth full of chocolate. But how is chocolate helping in any way, you might ask yourself.

Well, if you have to ask you’re most definitely not Bridget Jones, or a woman, or a member of the human race (AND if you are an alien: what are you doing on Earth, why are you reading my blog, and what’s with all that probing?)…


It’s a well known fact that chocolate is the answer to just about anything:

  • Fighting with someone – sit down and eat some chocolate together and see if the sugar induced coma leaves you any will left to fight.
  • Not enough time to meet a deadline – close your eyes and eat chocolate, all problems will melt away and when someone nags about the deadline, give them some too.
  • Bored and hungry – go to the shops and buy lots of chocolate, then sit your butt down in front of a film and gobble up every little piece of chocolaty goodness.

Seeing that I’m tired, bored, stressed, whiny and just simply in the mood for something sweet, I’m going downstairs and getting my fix (and Bridget is right there behind me).


Space Ships

I don’t want to fill in any more of IB’s cover sheets!

I want to watch some sci-fi… Star Trek, Babylon 5, Red Dwarf, Firefly. ANYTHING!



The quote is from the movie “The Perks of being a Wallflower”. Some pretentious character in the movie said that and it had me laughing so hard. I’ve actually met people that are like that: who think they’re so much better than everyone else at what ever they do. I’m not saying they’re not good at what they do, they might be brilliant even, but this way of presenting yourself as a divine incarnation of Creativity just has me wanting to chuck my breakfast (not that I ate any today).

I mean, calm down! If you are good at something, people will recognize your talent and you will get the praise you’re looking for.

But then, it might be a cultural thing… we Swedes aren’t allowed to say that we’re great (I tend to do that anyway though). Other cultures think you’re strange if you don’t go around telling others how awesome you are. Funny thing that, cultures and taboos.

Now I have to get my shit together and correct papers… (shoot me?)



For some reason I can’t sleep (I do know why, hubby’s away and the bed’s too empty). Maybe it’s possible to blame the full moon too? It’s rather pretty outside with the moon shining on the snow and the stars twinkling in the dark sky. I wish I could go out there and look at them, point them out and remind myself of their names. Instead I’m in bed (reading and just not sleeping) and my clock tells me it’s Tuesday in just 12 minutes.


I have lots to do at school, have to listen to student’s exams and grade them, but I can’t be bothered (someone hand me the worst-teacher-of-the-year award)… good thing I have tomorrow to do it (yeah, that’ll happen).
Now I’ll turn the sound off my phone, lay down in bed and tell myself to fall asleep.

Goo to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep!



Today has been a wonderful day!
Sundays mean ballet and today was so beautiful I could walk to ballet class. I felt happiness overflowing. Hopefully tomorrow brings as much sunshine, because I’m now convinced I’m actually a flower and that I need the sun to live and grow.
I listened to music while walking to and from class and I think I danced my way through the woods. It wasn’t ballet, and I’m really not a great dancer. But I don’t care, I was (am) happy and I intend to hold on to this feeling a couple of days.



12 Writing Rules

I try to follow these rules… but then I’m kinda bad at following rules.

For the last three weeks I’ve driven our Dodge, it’s a minivan and an automatic. Today I had to take our other car, a Renault which is quite a lot smaller than the Dodge… and it’s not an automatic either.


I was SO confused while driving (blonde moment after blonde moment) and it took me forever to figure out if the windshield wipers were operated from the left or right side of the steering wheel. GAH! Being super tired doesn’t help, and I’m dreading driving home later today (don’t end until five).

Well, at least it’s Friday and I don’t work Monday’s and Tuesday’s. Something to look forward to, not having to drive anywhere unless I really want (need) to.

Oh yeah! Ballet on Sunday, my calves have just stopped aching. Wonder if I’ll be able to walk at all on Monday (which I won’t if we do as much jumping)?

I guess I could have worse things to look forward to. 🙂


… or trying to write, anything.


I have one competition and one anthology that I really want to be part of, both involve Swedish scifi. So here I am, writing away on two stories at the same time. Or rather: I’m writing one story and editing another. It would be so cool to be published! I have two collections of poetry (they’re e-books and in Swedish) and it always makes me so very happy to look at them (mentally happy dancing at the moment).

So you guys keep your fingers crossed that they’ll pick my stories!

Today I really need to get away some from work, I think I’ll take a walk during lunch and just clear my head (I will end up at the candy store we have close by, it’s candy heaven!) .

Back to reality (sulks)!



Played through The Golems of Amgarrak yesterday, took me about 4h (had to pause to get the kids and such). And I haven’t decided if I’m, impressed or not, I’m guessing not… I read online that the Harvester was the toughest adversary i the Dragon Age saga – naaah, not really. Sure I had to start over once, but that was only because I failed to have the characters drink health potions (stupid mistake, thinking they’d manage without any health left on their health bar, doh).




I finished Dragon Age 2 yesterday as well. And even though people complain about it (all caves, houses, alleys are the same…) I can’t help but LOVE it. I mean, what’s not to love? it’s got dragons, and darkspawn, and undead, and demons, and  Qunari, and spiders (lots and lots of spiders) and wonderful companions! Maybe I’ll go right ahead and play it again, not a mage this time though, rogue maybe? Then I’ll get to open all those chests I had to leave behind last time… Who knows, might have had TWO pairs of Torn Trousers in them!


Anyhow, I’ve had various infections the last three weeks, today I got sick again… ain’t life grand (might as well get the zombie virus, because that’s the only one I haven’t had so far!)…


Life! Don’t talk to me about life!

I luuurv Marvin, think I need to watch Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy again, yup that’s exactly what I need.


Next time a stranger talks to me...

I have to try this!

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