ImageWent to uni today, 1,5h train ride to Gothenburg for 1h of class. Then it took 2,5h to get home because of train issues and whatnot.

I even overslept this morning; had to smack makeup on, do my hair, scrape the car windows and get going in less then 15min. Good thing I’m so beautiful that I don’t have to work too hard to look alright… (stop laughing!) This was such a great day. To top it off I missed out on breakfast (had a cup of tea at uni) and I just have a sandwich before getting on the train home.

The worst thing was that I could have waited one hour at the train station, had a proper meal and gotten home about the same time. Well, I did have a wonderful travelling companion, she teaches Japanese at my school and takes the same classes as me at uni, she’s a blast.


At the moment I’m trying to get some work done, I’m going to torment some of my student with (wait for it – drum roll): Poetry!

I have some wicked slamming on YouTube and a few very nice ones for them to read. They’ll love it! (mwoahahahahaaa!)

This whole adventure has me falling asleep on the couch…