ImageAwesome! That’s how I feel right now. The work week is almost over, I know we have crisps in the cupboard and if I play my cards right I get to play Mass Effect tonight (just have to hide Dead Souls somewhere hubby won’t find it). I almost rage quit the other night because of the Banshees (mother fff… bbb…), but then I took a deep breath and tried again. New tactics and this time I managed to survive the encounter. Am NOT looking forward to meeting them again… stupid game. No, Lovely, Wonderful game. Stupid Banshees.

A twitter friend of mine wants me to try Left 4 Dead (to cure my zombie phobia he says), but I’m not sure… I mean, I H.A.T.E zombies and zombie-like creatures and L4D is nothing other than a zombie infested game. Should I try it? I really don’t know… I still want to (have to) finish with Mass Effect 3 before I venture into some other game. Hubby is on me to play Dark Souls, but since you can’t pause or anything in that game to think out strategies I think  not. I’d just walk in somewhere and DIE, then realize I have lost several thousand souls and haven’t rested for quite some time, meaning I have to go through the whole thing again = rage quit.

Well, I guess I still have time to think on what game to play after Mass Effect… I’m nowhere near the end of that epic adventure! *standing in saving-the-galaxy-from-evil hero pose.*