… meh, even.


I’m sooo tired after this week. Little sleep (thanks to Pumkin), stressed out about work and uni, and I think I’m coming down with something. I haven’t been sick in months! This is very unusual for me, I always get what ever the kids bring home, but not this autumn… Tonight I have to get my stuff together though; I have uni assignments to do (they’re to be sent in TONIGHT). But I don’t wanna!!! I’d rather just pass out on the couch, or eat something (even though I’m so tired I feel sick at the moment). *this is where you feel sorry for me.*

I haven’t been able to tear hubby away from the Xbox either… even though I really haven’t got time for gaming tonight, so I’m watching him trying to burn blobs into a crisp (I can’t even begin to explain how exciting that is! Uhu…).


Riiiiight – uni assignment: I keep starring at the page, wondering what all those tiny black scribblings are (What? Words? Letters? Eh, okay, whatever you say). Why can’t they just give me a teacher’s degree? I mean, I’m good at what I do. Brilliant even (and lets not forget: Modest). I keep having to take all these silly courses that talk about didactic theories from the early 1900’s! And last term I had to read 10 books on globalization and internationalization and sustainability in just 6 weeks! At the same time I had classes to plan and papers to correct and a family to try to give some of my time to.

There aren’t enough hours to the day for this crap! This term I only have to write that stupid essay… and do my classroom experiments and try to keep my sanity (or insanity, whatever you might call it). Fun times ahead!

Sod it! I’m too tired to care.