Every Monday it’s the same thing; I really don’t want to go anywhere, especially to work (blergh!). Last night hubby went off for a few days and the twins have spent the night at their grandparents, it’s only been me and the Pumpkin (she’s being too darn quiet btw, need to check).

She was munching away on my handbag. Wonderful, I’ve always wanted drool stains. I’m going to leave her with the twins at grandma in a moment, so she has a day of being spoiled rotten to look forward to, while I get to deal with moody teens (ain’t life grand).


Last night I played more Mass Effect 3 (AWESOMENESS), but when I got to the Rachni assignment I decided to quit for the night. There’s just so many of them and they spawn like crazy, and well it was kinda late too. I’m looking forward to playing the whole way through with my character (she’s a Vanguard), but the things I’ve heard of the ending has me hesitating. I really (really really really) want it to be a happy ending… please? But as I’ve mentioned previously; all scifi are set in a Dystopia and knowing that I shouldn’t get my hopes up (a girl can dream though, can’t she?).

Well, it’s time to pack our stuff and get moving.