The term’s just started again and I’ve already failed at having a fully planned class. Oh yes… saying the first thing that pops into my mouth, just to be able to give the students an assignment (it was a really good assignment, just not very thought through). Then I realized that I’m not at school tomorrow, I’m at uni getting comments on my first draft, and I have to see to that the students have things to do… (think damn it THINK!) Okay, fine. That’s settled, but wait! We have to fill in the EWS (Early Warning System), to give a warning (duh) if any students are in danger of not passing the course. Riiiight, check on that.

I’m sooo goood, I can probably play Mass Effect 3 ALL night! Wait… what date is it? January 10th? Fffff…! I have a deadline, tonight. More studying for me – fun times (shoot meeeee)! You see that I’m right on top of things. Yup yup, I’ve got this all figured out. *shifty eyes, not looking at you.* Yup, got this all figured out.

Anyhow, I’m paired up with this essay writing genius. Which is a brilliant thing because I’ve completely forgotten how you write an academic essay; so we’ve decided that I turn my students into guinea pigs (mwoahahahahaaa!) and she writes most of the words that are needed. I think this is a great plan, maybe I’ll even learn something from it (ha!).


I totally rage quit on Dragon Age. Now I’m off to save the Galaxy in Mass Effect 3: this is the BEST GAME EVER! It’s  scifi, it’s exciting, it’s tricky and did I mention it’s scifi?

AWESOMENESS doesn’t even begin to cover it.

But at the same time it scares the bejesus out of me; why you might ask: It’s got freaking ZOMBIES! High tech zombies (Husks, Cannibals etc), but zombies non the less. Zombies are horrible! I have a zombie phobia, no it’s true! If there ever is a Zombie Apocalypse I’d be the first one to commit suicide. Or I don’t know, maybe I’ll be a good zombie fighter because I tend to read these Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guides… hopefully we’ll never ever find out.

Okay, so I need to get started on the thing I have to turn in before midnight… but I don’t want toooooo!!! *sob sob sob.*