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Love Life!

Oscar Wilde had it right.


ImageWent to uni today, 1,5h train ride to Gothenburg for 1h of class. Then it took 2,5h to get home because of train issues and whatnot.

I even overslept this morning; had to smack makeup on, do my hair, scrape the car windows and get going in less then 15min. Good thing I’m so beautiful that I don’t have to work too hard to look alright… (stop laughing!) This was such a great day. To top it off I missed out on breakfast (had a cup of tea at uni) and I just have a sandwich before getting on the train home.

The worst thing was that I could have waited one hour at the train station, had a proper meal and gotten home about the same time. Well, I did have a wonderful travelling companion, she teaches Japanese at my school and takes the same classes as me at uni, she’s a blast.


At the moment I’m trying to get some work done, I’m going to torment some of my student with (wait for it – drum roll): Poetry!

I have some wicked slamming on YouTube and a few very nice ones for them to read. They’ll love it! (mwoahahahahaaa!)

This whole adventure has me falling asleep on the couch…



We have a big tree out back (a beech I think) and it’s beautiful; every season it takes my breath away.
Right now I’m starting to long for it to be a light green colour…
Love winter, but this darkness takes its toll.


… meh, even.


I’m sooo tired after this week. Little sleep (thanks to Pumkin), stressed out about work and uni, and I think I’m coming down with something. I haven’t been sick in months! This is very unusual for me, I always get what ever the kids bring home, but not this autumn… Tonight I have to get my stuff together though; I have uni assignments to do (they’re to be sent in TONIGHT). But I don’t wanna!!! I’d rather just pass out on the couch, or eat something (even though I’m so tired I feel sick at the moment). *this is where you feel sorry for me.*

I haven’t been able to tear hubby away from the Xbox either… even though I really haven’t got time for gaming tonight, so I’m watching him trying to burn blobs into a crisp (I can’t even begin to explain how exciting that is! Uhu…).


Riiiiight – uni assignment: I keep starring at the page, wondering what all those tiny black scribblings are (What? Words? Letters? Eh, okay, whatever you say). Why can’t they just give me a teacher’s degree? I mean, I’m good at what I do. Brilliant even (and lets not forget: Modest). I keep having to take all these silly courses that talk about didactic theories from the early 1900’s! And last term I had to read 10 books on globalization and internationalization and sustainability in just 6 weeks! At the same time I had classes to plan and papers to correct and a family to try to give some of my time to.

There aren’t enough hours to the day for this crap! This term I only have to write that stupid essay… and do my classroom experiments and try to keep my sanity (or insanity, whatever you might call it). Fun times ahead!

Sod it! I’m too tired to care.


ImageAwesome! That’s how I feel right now. The work week is almost over, I know we have crisps in the cupboard and if I play my cards right I get to play Mass Effect tonight (just have to hide Dead Souls somewhere hubby won’t find it). I almost rage quit the other night because of the Banshees (mother fff… bbb…), but then I took a deep breath and tried again. New tactics and this time I managed to survive the encounter. Am NOT looking forward to meeting them again… stupid game. No, Lovely, Wonderful game. Stupid Banshees.

A twitter friend of mine wants me to try Left 4 Dead (to cure my zombie phobia he says), but I’m not sure… I mean, I H.A.T.E zombies and zombie-like creatures and L4D is nothing other than a zombie infested game. Should I try it? I really don’t know… I still want to (have to) finish with Mass Effect 3 before I venture into some other game. Hubby is on me to play Dark Souls, but since you can’t pause or anything in that game to think out strategies I think  not. I’d just walk in somewhere and DIE, then realize I have lost several thousand souls and haven’t rested for quite some time, meaning I have to go through the whole thing again = rage quit.

Well, I guess I still have time to think on what game to play after Mass Effect… I’m nowhere near the end of that epic adventure! *standing in saving-the-galaxy-from-evil hero pose.*


“That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.”
― Emily Dickinson


I write to give myself strength. I write to be the characters that I am not. I write to explore all the things I’m afraid of.
― Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon is my hero, not only because he’s the mastermind behind so many great series and movies, but because he seems like such a genuinely nice guy. I’d love to meet him and go all crazy fangirl on him (I would NEVER be able to keep my cool)…


Every Monday it’s the same thing; I really don’t want to go anywhere, especially to work (blergh!). Last night hubby went off for a few days and the twins have spent the night at their grandparents, it’s only been me and the Pumpkin (she’s being too darn quiet btw, need to check).

She was munching away on my handbag. Wonderful, I’ve always wanted drool stains. I’m going to leave her with the twins at grandma in a moment, so she has a day of being spoiled rotten to look forward to, while I get to deal with moody teens (ain’t life grand).


Last night I played more Mass Effect 3 (AWESOMENESS), but when I got to the Rachni assignment I decided to quit for the night. There’s just so many of them and they spawn like crazy, and well it was kinda late too. I’m looking forward to playing the whole way through with my character (she’s a Vanguard), but the things I’ve heard of the ending has me hesitating. I really (really really really) want it to be a happy ending… please? But as I’ve mentioned previously; all scifi are set in a Dystopia and knowing that I shouldn’t get my hopes up (a girl can dream though, can’t she?).

Well, it’s time to pack our stuff and get moving.



The term’s just started again and I’ve already failed at having a fully planned class. Oh yes… saying the first thing that pops into my mouth, just to be able to give the students an assignment (it was a really good assignment, just not very thought through). Then I realized that I’m not at school tomorrow, I’m at uni getting comments on my first draft, and I have to see to that the students have things to do… (think damn it THINK!) Okay, fine. That’s settled, but wait! We have to fill in the EWS (Early Warning System), to give a warning (duh) if any students are in danger of not passing the course. Riiiight, check on that.

I’m sooo goood, I can probably play Mass Effect 3 ALL night! Wait… what date is it? January 10th? Fffff…! I have a deadline, tonight. More studying for me – fun times (shoot meeeee)! You see that I’m right on top of things. Yup yup, I’ve got this all figured out. *shifty eyes, not looking at you.* Yup, got this all figured out.

Anyhow, I’m paired up with this essay writing genius. Which is a brilliant thing because I’ve completely forgotten how you write an academic essay; so we’ve decided that I turn my students into guinea pigs (mwoahahahahaaa!) and she writes most of the words that are needed. I think this is a great plan, maybe I’ll even learn something from it (ha!).


I totally rage quit on Dragon Age. Now I’m off to save the Galaxy in Mass Effect 3: this is the BEST GAME EVER! It’s  scifi, it’s exciting, it’s tricky and did I mention it’s scifi?

AWESOMENESS doesn’t even begin to cover it.

But at the same time it scares the bejesus out of me; why you might ask: It’s got freaking ZOMBIES! High tech zombies (Husks, Cannibals etc), but zombies non the less. Zombies are horrible! I have a zombie phobia, no it’s true! If there ever is a Zombie Apocalypse I’d be the first one to commit suicide. Or I don’t know, maybe I’ll be a good zombie fighter because I tend to read these Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guides… hopefully we’ll never ever find out.

Okay, so I need to get started on the thing I have to turn in before midnight… but I don’t want toooooo!!! *sob sob sob.*


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