… but I’m in such a funk anyway; I’m guessing it’s post-work stress. Tired to the bone and crying for nothing, not even sure chocolate would work at the moment (will have to try that theory though).

Christmas is in two days and I’m not feeling the least bit of Christmas cheer. We put the tree up and everything today, but still nothing. Am I just pathetic (no, don’t answer that)?







We’re playing our way through Dragon Age Origins at the moment, taking turns at hacking and slashing with our characters. I just wish it was a longer adventure, things go so fast, especially when you know exactly where to go and what to do. At the moment I have a rogue running around trying to survive an encounter on the roads (I rage quit the other night, totally the most grown up thing to do!) and tonight I created a mage (because burning things with massive fire balls is so much fun!).


Anyhow, to not get into an even bigger funk I think I need to get me that chocolate (and maybe have a shower, before I smell all funky too).


Happy Christmas my darlings!